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Recent posts by Mcgill Smith

I am a bit confused about the size of the book .According to amazon there are 220 pages but on Mannings site it says 400+.
Thanks Nick

Another question

How deep HQL is covered in the book?and are unit tests using DBUnit (with hibernate)discussed?
[ August 24, 2005: Message edited by: Mcgill Smith ]

I have a few questions about your book.

1)Are tools like schemaExport,Herbern8IDE discussed in the book?

2)Does the book have a sample application?
3)which database is used?
4)Are the new features in Hibernate 3 like Dynamic classes,filters etc discussed?

Thanks in advance.
use LookupDispatchAction
18 years ago
Oracle 9i JDBC Programming
--- Jason Price amazon

very good!
Finally, my last comment to Javaranchers and SUN is, Java certification holders really should not take this exam because it is focus for Java beginners. I believe SUN should either make SCJA as the pre-requist for all other Java certifications, or strictly restrict Java certification holders must NOT take this exam
Basic stuff(perhaps useless)

Thats the reason i did'nt bother!
19 years ago
You can try Display Tag Library
19 years ago
Indirect access.Decalare it in the web.xml in the <taglib> tag
<taglib-uri>/-----------</taglib-uri>use this in the jsp
<taglib-location>/WEB-INF/--------------</taglib-location>physical location
[ June 02, 2005: Message edited by: Mcgill Smith ]
19 years ago
Thanks Nate.
19 years ago
Ashok Mash your source is outdated
19 years ago
Hi and welcome

What sort of exposure to Java is needed to take full advantage of your book? Who are the target audience?

Thanks in advance.
19 years ago
I dont like JDeveloper. WSAD, I guess it is onlu useful for developing applications in Websphere , right

JDeveloper will have full-fledged support for JSF, complete
with an extensive array of UIX components, which will integrate with standard JSF applications. It will also support using JSF components with its Application Development Framework (ADF) [Oracle, ADF].
19 years ago