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since Nov 12, 2003
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Recent posts by hamsageetha

I am using dispatch action in my action class and passing Query string in my for action tag This works fine with Tomcat
But I am using Jdeveloper as my IDE there the Url is not appended with Query String.I am not using any forms so I am using normal Html form submit
<form action="">

my url in the address bar looks like this
its stops after ?
Can anyone tell me is there any Jdeveloper settings to be done
20 years ago
Can anybody telp me what is advantage of tiles over htmlframes?
How advantageous it is to use tiles than frames?
Can I get any link which gives these differences
20 years ago
I have tiles.xml file where i have define all the attributes under the <tiles-definition> tag
I have done the tile plugin in strutsconfig file also
Now how to invoke a jsp which has used the layout which is defined
20 years ago
I am using tiles in struts for look and feel in jsp.
I have defined a tilesdefinition.xml file
Now i want to know how to do plug in in struts-config file and web.xml file
Can anybody please help me in this
20 years ago