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Recent posts by vikram goyal

thanx Mcgill
link for ant.i am also new to ant.

hi Norman
As u suggested in an earlier post ,i have downloaded the code from manning's site and i am about to start experimenting with it[Xdoclet].
18 years ago
I am still not clear about inheritance in entity beans,if its possible
then what are the issues to consider .
Types of inheritance we implement.
can any one give me a simple example.

I completed my MSCS last year, but i am still unimployed.Now i am going for java certifications but i am not sure if these certs will make any difference.
Most jobs require 3/4 yrs experience ,but these days jobs are very hard to
get even for the experienced .People who have this sort of experience were very lucky to start their careers when the times were good and jobs were very easy to get.
Does working in the industry since the last 3 yrs mean that you are an expert?? IMO NO.
Some people i know who are working in the IT field (not even properly qualified) just because they were around since 1999(lucky).
These days you have to be a good talker(buzz-words)to be successful,[WHAT ABOUT (programming,etc)SKILLS???]
One guy in this forum (Billy)with a CS degree and all the Java +MS certs is still struggling to get an entry level job.This really breaks my heart.May be its time i should start thinking of some other career.
So before investing more money & time THINK TWICE!!!

SCJP,SCWCD,SCJD.preparing for SCBCD.
[ November 25, 2003: Message edited by: vikram goyal ]
18 years ago
Although we are allowed to expose CMP set methods that are not associated with the primary key, but it is not recomended.

my question is why is it a bad idea to expose set methods to the client?