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Recent posts by Akhshay Ray

Has anyone attempted the Mongodb certification for developer? Is it worth it? How difficult is it - can it be attempted by someone who does not have real life experience with Mongodb?

7 years ago
Also interesting is the fact that
1. There is no physical address of the company on their website
2. Their faculties do not have any name (they are just numbers)
13 years ago
Normally people do not want to give out their referrals' name with resume. Only when they have been selected on the first round based on their technical abilities, you would ask them for providing referrals. Thats the reason of that.
14 years ago
You have to supply a custom editor and use the same panel.
14 years ago
Stay away from Everest Consulting. Do not be fooled by their Chennai office. They are a cheap desi consultancy here in US and will screw you once you land here. I was with them for 18 months.

Also, the job market is improving in US. So, you should not be paying anything to these companies. Till the time you find such company who will bring you here for free, sit tight.

Best of luck.
15 years ago
Hello everybody,

First of all, this is an excellent forum and I really enjoy reading it.

I am a java developer with around 10yrs of experience in Upstate Newyork in a well established financial firm. Also, as of now, I am satisfied with my job.

But lately, I am concerned about my long term career prospects - I mean, I cannot be a developer for ever. What happens 10 years from now, because in US, I do not see much vertical career growth?

Do any of you feel the same - if so, please share your thoughts.

16 years ago
I don't think we should use jdk 1.5 as this is not a production version yet.
Thanks for replying. You understood my doubt correctly and I was doing exactly what you have explained above. But in this approach, I cannot get an instance of DataSchema in other classes.
For example, in some class someClass.java:

But then, it doesn't make any sense making the DataSchema Singleton.
So I was thinking of having two methods in DataSchema class:
public DataSchema createInstance(File file);
public DataSchema getInstance();
Now, is this too complex or violates the Singleton pattern in any way?
Hello George,
Thanks for your explanation on why to read the data schema details from the data file instead of hardcoding it as specified in the specs. I have coded and tested both ways but for the past 2 months I was unable to convince myself as to why I would read the schema section from the data file.
Now if my DataSchema class reads its values from the file, then how can I make this class a Singleton?
Right now, my DataSchema class is a member variable of my Data class.
Thanks! Akshay
You can also use java.rmi.server.UID() - this generates a UID that is unique over time with respect to the host it was generated on.