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Recent posts by Mohan Ganesan

Reason is: Input is from web browser then the transaction reaches weblogic where the japanese character is converting into UTF-8. from web logic the UTF-8 converted japanese character reached websphere Business integration(WBI 4.3 with jdk1.4), then its inserting into Oracle table through insert query.
The issue is, Oracle Apps or fornt end is unable to get this japanese character inserted by WBI. Oracle team asking to insert as it is in Japanese character.

Please let me know for any clarification.

12 years ago
Please help me how I can decode a string which was encoded by UTF-8. My java version is 1.4. Thanks in advance.
12 years ago
Is Weblogic is capable of handling Japanese Character? I am facing some issue while getting a japanese charcter from browser and inserted into Oracle Database. In Browser a I giving Customer name in Japanese charater but while inserting its converted into different encoding.

Basically I need to pass Japanese character as it is to Oracle. Please post you suggestion and let me know for any clarifications.

12 years ago
My objective is, through a script In need to connect to sftp server and get some file in to my local without prompting password. How can I write a scripts to connect to sftp without asking/prompting for password (ie) i can provide password in scripts itself? Please let me know your suggestions.

12 years ago
Hi Martijn,

Technology is IBM Websphere Business Integration(WBI 4.3) which is on JDK1.4 version.

Problem: Greek Character from Mainframe system in CP423 encoding format needs to be sent to the target application as it is. But in this case when this Greek character enter into WBI its automatically converted into UTF-8 which need to be encoded into CP423.

I am looking for some classes that can do this encoding. Please let me know if you required any additional information.

we are looking to encode a string in CP423 format to handle greek characters and we are unable to use ICU4J jar to do this. How can i implement this jar to do this. Please provide us some sample code or tell us which method should invoke to do this.

Working on IBM Websphere Business Integration Tool 4.3 (JDK1.4). As part of this Integration, MainFrame system is sending GREEK Character and I need to encode this into CP423 and send it to the target system.

Please Help me to encode this GREEK Character into CP423 using some Java/IBM jars.

13 years ago
Please help by giving the subquery for the below queries...

1)select CUSTOMER_ID,source_header_id from WSH.WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS where SERIAL_NUMBER like 'AAX04140025SA' and source_header_number like '1281003'

say example the above query returns CUSTOMER_ID as "xxxxxx" and Soutce_header_id as "yyyyyy"

2)select account_number from ar.hz_cust_accounts where cust_account_ID like 'xxxxxx'

3)select attribute5 from ONT.OE_ORDER_HEADERS_ALL where header_id=yyyyy

My actual output will be "account_number " from second query and "attribute5" from third query.

I want as a single query which returns "account_number" and "attribute5".

Please help me out...

[ September 22, 2005: Message edited by: Mohan Ganesan ]
16 years ago
I want to get all the sheet name from a ms-excel file dynamically using java and JDBC connection. I can get the excel values but now i am hard coded the sheet name. Instead of that i have to get the sheet name dynamically by passing the file name or path. Please help me out from this query. Thanks

17 years ago
HI Madhav,

Thanks for the interest shown.

What is the concern for me (and perhaps the enduser too) is that the original XML document is getting changed.

Although again its a valid XML but for the layman enduser we would like to preserve the early status of the tags instead of modyfing the original tags.

Size may mislead the enduser to believe that the file got corrupted or something of that sort. For the same reasons size was brought to notice and nothing else.

Important is that we would like to preserve the status of the XML document.

Thanks and regards....

Originally posted by Madhav Lakkapragada:
Tell me about it!

I can totally see your point about the file size being different.
It sure does throw some "applications" into a crash mode.
When we had one such "application requirement" (pun intended),
we had no choice but to treat an XML file as a binary file, which
prevented the OS from modifying the file size. Our "requirement"
was different from what you mentioned, but just wanted to relate
my experience with what you said re file size.

Back to you point, I would like to push-back really hard on why
the file size change matters so much to the user. I would reiterate
that the content hasn't been modified and that is the important
thing. I would like to question why the user is looking at the file
size on the disk rather than the content inside the XML.

I know this may not help, but thats my very poor two cents on the topic.......

- m

[ November 05, 2004: Message edited by: Madhav Lakkapragada ]

Hi guys ,

The XML DOM parser is chewing up empty tags .....

What goes in to XML parser :


What comes out:


Although generated XML is valid, but still it is reducing the file size by

removing the end tags and combining the empty tags into one tag. For example,


This is what I want to prevent exactly

Which is valid as per XML standard but still it appears to the user that XML
Tool is making changes to the without user intervention.

What I want to do is

keep all tags as specified in the original file and not change anything that is not
modified using the DOM Parser. Can anybody suggest APIs or any other solution that can help me for that matter.

Thanks and regards.
I have to put comment for method for large number of files. like...

* Implements the SampleInterface interface. Comparison is based on key.
* @see SampleInterface
public boolean isSameEntity(SampleInterface otherSP)

Is there any tools to do this, so that i same do it simple as much as possible.Please suggest me some tool if u come across.

Thanking You.

17 years ago
Hi all,
I deployed my ejb in Weblogic 8.1. In my client, i am having the username/role, the welogic server has to check for the username/role and then allow to access that EJB. I got struck here, please help me by giving sample code or some tips...


"-//Sun Microsystems, Inc.//DTD Enterprise JavaBeans 2.0//EN"



<?xml version="1.0"?>

<!DOCTYPE weblogic-ejb-jar PUBLIC
'-//BEA Systems, Inc.//DTD WebLogic 8.1.0 EJB//EN'


How can I use these in my Client....?

Thanks and regards
17 years ago
Hi Everybody,
I have to give security for EJBs, for that I need to use JAAS. But I didn't get any simple sample from net.
security check by using roles such as admin,user etc. depends on this role, the EJBs has to access....

Please send me if u have some samples....

Thanks and Regards,
I am now working Cocoon 2.0.4 with IBM websphere
studio 5.0 . I am not able to configure the JSP. If
you worked in this, please help me by giving some tips
and suggestions .I am getting the following error.
In Browser the ERROR is:
Error 500: Server caught unhandled exception from
servlet [Cocoon2]: clearBuffer(): illegal state-->
stream is committed

But int Server Console The ERROR is :
[1/5/04 17:20:02:109 GMT+05:30] 77e34d67 WebGroup E
SRVE0026E: [Servlet Error]-[Cocoon2]:
java.lang.IllegalStateException: clearBuffer():
illegal state--> stream is committed

Help me by giving some tips...