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Recent posts by Andrei Naouman

Something for beginners. I've seen one day at IBM, but can't find it now...
Hi Majid
I use WebLogic Server 5.1
I had no idea about to RUN sample application. I just unterested in to TAKE A LOOK at deployed Sun's sample somewhere on the Net...
Read the board more carefully.
The answer is couple messages below. Check "J2EE on Windows '95" discussion.
You can use graphical(GUI) depoyment tool shipped with WL S 5.1
If you can not open your jar-file probably your mistake is within the deployment descriptor, or the way you organize your jar-file.
If you can open jar-file then use test for EJB-compliance. It may show you some problems.
If everithing just okay then create container and deploy it....
Good luck.
Yes, batch files don't work. But this is not a big issue.
You can even install WebLogic Server(5.1) distributive FOR windowsNT on win98. And you will get even shortcuts in startup menu.
I really do not need any prepared batch files in my practice... You can compose .bat files if you need it so...
And finally - I think it is the best idea to use WebLogic as J2EE emplementation.
Good luck.
Thank you, Majid!
But it is not exactly what I need. This article is about HOW to deploy sample application on particular app.server. But I loss the URL to ALREADY deployed application on the Internet. I've seen it by myown eyes but forget where.
Anyway, thanks.
I can discuss anything :-)
Probably u can run J2EE under the win9x. Only thing J2EE needs is Java SDK.
Because SDK works fine under win9x u could run J2EE too.
It will work but win9x is kind of non certified platform for J2EE. Anyway u can do it for your practice.
PS. U should have quite powerfull computer - 64M of memory, Pentium 200 and above. Otherwise it will work VERY slowly.
Good luck.
Could you remind me the URL of the already deployed "JAVA Pet Store Demo" from Sun?
I've seen it once but forgot the URL.