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Recent posts by george franciscus

Hi all,

Thanks for the great career supporters here.

Actually, I am a Computer Science Engg. graduate. I have passed out in 1999. My Experience is like this.
1 year -> Linux Administration. (I am certified Administrator).
4 years -> Java, J2EE, NMS(Network Mgmt), EMS (Ele Mgmt), SNMP MIB programming, PHP, PERL.

But, As I am very much interested from start of my engg. into embedded systems. But all the experience I have is Java, J2EE and Linux.

How can I change the platform now. I know RTOS, C, C++, Microcontrollers, Microprocessors, Board Designing etc very well. I leart all these with my special interest.

What is the best way to search a job with above goal.

Please help me in this regard.

Thanks a milion in advance.
With Regards
17 years ago

what happens when India runs outof good resources

I think it will not, the poplulation u see and the number of graduates releasing every year is increasing and ofcourse when people get experience u will find good resources automatically.
So, this question never araises..
17 years ago
Hi all,

I am working in korea. I got 6 years of S/W experience in Linux/C/C++/Java.
Can I know how is job market in bangalore at present.
I am very much confident on my skills and work. Please let me know if I start applying how many days it may take for me to landup on a job in bangalore.

Please gimme some URLs, where I can find consultants list or companies list.
Thanks for ur help ...
With luv
frank lim.
17 years ago
State Job
Lots of Politics.
--> You too try to play
No recognition for the work you do.
--> If you satisfied with your work, no need of recognition automatically recog. will come inway if u do best work.
Most people avoid work since firing / layoffs are difficult if not impossible.
--> You can try to work hard. Why do u consider others
Since you are the newbie, whether full time or contract, you will get dumped with work, yet, no recognition.
--> recognition will come on its way if u do best.
Java - Although this is a good technology to be in.
--> I too think Java is good to be in.
Less politics
--> Good. But no fun..
More Work
--> Of course pay also more.
More recognition for the work.
--> same as above..
Salary / Bonus much better.
--> May be..
C++ - Still strong, Java a little more popular in IT.
--> C++ also good to be in.
I think state job is better. At last its all depends on you how you will work. If you worried about recognition work hard and show good results the recognition will come on its way. You can also update and do some research in leasure to learn upto market needs..
17 years ago
Refer Java management and JDMK releases from sun.
Those both can be used for ur purpose.
17 years ago
I am in development of a JApplet to display images in overlayed on each other like
A big image overlayed by some other small images and on and on..
And each image on mouse over it should show a menu with some private options for that image..
How could I do that..
Presently I have extended a Jpanel and implementing mouseListenr like this..

The above one I am using like this..

But what is happening is last added image only I am able to see and the mouse events are occuring for only last added image..
Can somebody help me in this..
Thanks a lot in advance..
17 years ago
I have worked in india more than 3 years..It was so confortable for me. I have worked in seimens bangalore. The culture & life style is almost similar as europe. Becoz I used to meet with all those people in brigade road/MG Road in bangalore..
I think u can join in this curve..HAVE A BEST DEAL..
17 years ago
I am in development of a component.
It should have following features.
1) It should take a image (Image) and and a popup menu as input.
2) It should display the image and when user scrolls on that image user should get the assigned popup for that image.
3) The image can be overlayed by other same component.
I have a layout of car image with out doors ..etc components in it.
So first I will add car. and some menu to the car image.

I have door image I will overlay door image with correct(x,y) on the car image with some other popup menu. when user scroll over door image the popup belongs to door should come..
When user scroll over car image the popup belongs to car should come..
I have done some thing like this..

Useing as below.

But the one displays last added image and events only firing for last added image..
Can somebody help me in this..
Thanks a lot in advance..
with reg.
17 years ago
Hi all,

I am into development of NMS (Network Management System) using J2EE. When I have seen there are numorous resources about this like uring JMX, JDMK. But I need some small help regarding the application.
At present I have planned to use JMX, JDMK (jsnmp.jar) for getting the element (swich, router, gateway SNMP supported) details and inserting them into the database and showing the Graphs (JfreeChart) with the collected data.
But I donno what is the use of MBean & all. Where exactly I can use MBean for my above application and how?
Can anybody help me in this..
Thanks a lot in advance.
With Regards,
<Applet class="cdcdc">
<param name="x" value"y">

in applet u can read these parameters..check some applet book for more information..
17 years ago
Hi feroz,
Please ask questions completely( exact problems).
Anyway, Applet is like normal java class so it can connect to database. But we know applets run at client side. So we have some restrictions about that..
Un signed.
A applet can connect to its downloaded server only.
So in this case if your database server & webserver are same then ur applet can connect to database directly.
if u need more help ask ur question more precisely.
17 years ago
I belive any student from anywhere can beat any other student from anywhere. That means.. its all individual skills. Not from harvard or not from lesser college.
17 years ago
Insted asking us why don't you try that and let us know..
It helps for you and for all..
18 years ago
At last I think we are going to get everything for, software..and all.
then how people developing those get survived..they should have some other job also..right?
that means they should have primary, secondary is where they earn money for expenses one is free job for people
is it right?
18 years ago
So, What is the conclusion for this topic..
18 years ago