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Recent posts by eram

Newbie -
1. store your .java files and .class file in jsdk\examples\web-inf\servlets\
2. run your server using startserver.bat
3. execute your servlets using:
carefully watch at the above path for running your examples.
If u cahnge or compile ur servlets , top and restart the server and also refresh the pgaes to see the results.
infact http:\\localhost:8080\ acts like your local intranet, which means u can browse any html files using above stuff.
just type in http:\\localhost:8080\index.html - u will get a page.
keep trying newbie..........have fun.
21 years ago
Start the server and run from:
http:\\localhost ort-num\path-to-servlets\servlet-name
21 years ago
Well , This is what I did:
I downloaded jsdk2.1 from sun's site:
Just do nothing , other than changing your autoexec.bat to :
I did have the same problem with jswdk1.0.1 , as it complains to find java.servlet.* package with other errors.
The above sol works.
have fun!!!
21 years ago
find the servlet.jar file from the jswdk dir and then copy the file to jdk\jre\lib\ext dir.
Set your classpath to the above dir and go......
Hope I am right.
21 years ago
C a = new C(9);
C b = new C(9);
C c = b;
float f1 = 9.0f;
int i1 = 9;
Which one is true:
1. c==b
2. a==c
3. b==c
4. f1==i1
5. i1==9.0d

[comments in brackets are where I edited to take out some details about the exact exam questions - Jim]
I Think the Mock exams are very near to the real exams, particularly the ones with Marcus and ofcourse RHE.
I got 2 questions on GC, one with, when can be gced with String objects declarations and other with therotical statemennts about gc , which i think I got wrong.
I got 1 on GridbagLayout [about the effect of different fields in GridBagConstraints.]
2 on Inner class declarations. This question was tough for me.
The question did ask about Inner class declarations and Instantiation , but the answers were a little odd. Maybe to me only and as I had read very little about Inner classes.
1 on I/o , FilterinputStream, read this question carefully, when u get in real exam.
[question details deleted]
2 on Threads. [how to create them, start them, etc.]
Overall I had a tough time, and I think I got more questions with more than one answer selection.
Best SOLOTION to get 90% or more:
compile and run all the questions in the mock exams.
I think All question were more or less equal to the Mock exams.
Need assistance about SJCP write to

[This message has been edited by Jim Yingst (edited March 25, 2000).]
Marcus Green Exam 1. Q 56.
You are using the GridBagLayout manager to place a series of buttons on a Frame. You want to make the size of one of the buttons bigger than the text it contains. Which of the following will allow you to do that?
1) The GridBagLayout manager does not allow you to do this
2) The setFill method of the GridBagLayout class
3) The setFill method of the GridBagConstraints class
4) The fill field of the GridBagConstraints class
answer - 4.
I think The answer is using fields ipadx and ipady.
fill field is used for filling up cell area.
Am i right ? Can somebody explain ?
Am I missing somethin here ?

What is to be done....
1. Can I go back and answer the question , if i had left unanswered in case of real cert exam ?
1. Do I have to mark it ?
Can u let me know How the exam is all about or is there anything should be careful about ?
I am talking about the Java cert exam.
1. Floating point numbers do not produce a divide by Zero ArithmeticException , instead will result in NaN.
Integers do produce a divide by Zero Arithmetic Exception.
2. StringBuffer class can use equals() method but always it results in False.
3. abstarct class Abs { }
is possible. Never get confused about abstract class 'must' have abstract methods.
FYI end here.
Drop a bomb if any point is wrong or misleading.
Thanks to all.
I think I would rather go by JLS.
So this means obj.equals(obj1) , here the '.' is a seperator and not an operator.
Q) Which operators are overloaded for String Objects ?
I think
+= and
.(dot operator)
Any corrections , please.
But the BOOne exam answers only + , += How?
Thanks Maha & Jim.
Nice explanations.
Page 255 question 8.1, Khalid & Rasmussen.
e. If an object obj1 can access an object obj2 that is eligible for garbage collection, then obj1 is also eligible for garbage collection.
Can anyone explain with a few lines of code.