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Recent posts by prasanthi alla

it gives compile time error i think
ya that's what i mean pradeep
so please help me in knowing
hi pradeep
sorry for again bothering u but iam not clear with that,
subtest is a class which extends contest, but still its defined within the class contest , so is it not inner class of that?

may be iam clear with nested classes topic
thanks for ur time
oopssssss sorry pradeep i misunderstood it
thank u
hi pradeep ,

this is cool with inner classes, but how to code the same condition for derived classes
(instantiate derived class but can't be able to instantiate base class)
thank u
i know that we can't instantiate a class with private constructor,
but is it also like we can't extend a class which has private constructor
because i got that error at line of class definition of derived class
then what's the use of having final modifier for a class
thank u
hi vicken!
ur code gave errors when i tried to run it,
Error #: 306 : constructor B() has private access in class untitled1.B at line 16, column 3
can u please clear this
i think its not the question of overloading ,
its calling the main of whatever class we r its name as file name, so
in case of Objectformation class its typing the output,
in case of Abc class, it may be creating two objects but it has no constructor it has no work to do, so no output
thank u
hi Ernest!
thanks a lot for ur clear explanation

bye prasanthi
hi Earnest!
thanks a lot for correcting my answer
but i don't actually get the clear view of hashcode() topic, can u help me with any guidance
u r right its giving the starting address of ur array,
as arrays r objects ,so the reference address will be stored in the variable.
to get the elements of the array , u have to use loop or specify the element with its index in print statement
hi nair!

the answer is zero,
explanation is simple, basic garbage collection principle object is eligible to be garbage collection only if all the references variables pointing to them r set to null.
2. when we pass an object as a parameter to a method 'a copy of its reference is send'
so in ur code two objects r created , which r still having reference variables x and y pointing to them
hi iam very new to this site ,so pardone me if i have not given proper reply, trying to teach myself from this site
hi nivas!
+= is an assignment operator ,but still the rule of evaluation of assignment operators from right to left is followed when there r more than one of such operator is present in the expression.
but now iam also confussed of post operator and preoperator precedence by seeing the manual in the link provided in ur question. otherwise as its an unary operator it had equal precedence and so evaluated from left to right .
hi sripada!
the postfix operator is not neglected,see the steps how's it executed
for the code i=i++ + k
i=2+3 ( now i is incremented to 3 ,so now i= 3)
i=5 ( now i is assigned the value of 5)
so finally i got the value of 5