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Recent posts by Jacky Doner

Thanks all,but when I login on the specific link ,I only find the following links:

1.Personal Information
2.Update Personal Info
3.Change Password

I can't find other link that shows the status of issuing the certificate.
I passed SCEA Part 2&3,but I don't know how long I can get the certificate,I'm out of USA.Hope for reply,thanks!

Congratulations! It's an excellent score.
One question for you,if I provide the relevant method in the class diagram,whether I can use short phrase to depict the message in the sequence diagram.Thanks!
Hi all,

Before I can upload my assignment,I should send email to sun for asking the upload rights.Does anybody who has passed the exam know what is their response time and how much time is given for upload before the permissions are withdrawn. Do they reply on Sat/Sun ?
Any help will be highly appreciated.

Best regards.
I still can't figure out whether this kind of design is right or not?
Can you give me the further explanations?

Best Regards.
Can anyone give some instructions?
Thanks in advance.
Hi all,

I'm puzzled with following questions,can anyone give me idea?

1.If I use short message phrases rather than method name to depict the interaction between objects in seqence diagram and I also provide method name in my class diagram.Whether this kind of design is ok?
2.In my class,I only show the business domain classes.These domain classes are not used in my sequence diagram and component diagram.Instead, I use J2EE technological components/patterns in my sequence diagram and component diagram,such as entity bean ,session facade,dao.I really don't know whether this kind of design is ok?

Thanks all.
I think we hold different versions of cade book from each other..Do you have the e-book of it?Can you send me the contents of page 169?
Sorry!In the class diagram,it should be called a class.But In the cade book,
I don't find the ShoppingCart class really,so I don't know how this class have relationships with other classes.
I don't know whether we use different cade book version.In my cade book,at page 168,The part content is:

Class Diagram
The class diagram is a little different from the Business Domain Object
Model (BDOM)provided by the business analyst,but it provides addi-
tional details and still meets the requirements of the BDOM.The
Address,CreditCard,and ShoppingCart have all been added with rela-
tionships to Customer.Payment and LineItem have been added to
expand the Order.Manufacturer is no longer an object,it is now an
attribute of Product.In addition,an Order no longer has a direct rela-
tionship to Product,it must use LineItem to form the relationship.
Stateless session beans have been added to show the classes that will han-
dle the workflow and business logic rules.

But in the class diagram,I can't find it.
In my design,I think the class diagram had better be designed as domain class diagram,i.e.,just extend the BDM,so I'm consider whether I need add this kind of class to my class diagram to book many segments.

Hi all,
In cade book,The class diagram extends the Business Domain Object
Model and the Address,CreditCard,and ShoppingCart have all been added with relationships to Customer.But from the class diagram ,I can't find ShoppingCart object.I don't know whether the ShoppingCart object need not to be added to the class diagram or the writer misses adding it.
If the object need to be added,then which objects have relationship with it?Product,Order and Payment?

Thanks in advance.
Address,CreditCard,and ShoppingCart have all been added with rela-
tionships to Customer.
Hi Renee,

Maybe the recent question I posted was a bit sensitive.In fact,what
puzzles me is whether we can both encapsulate the code of access relational database and the code of access external lagacy system which the interface is not java API based in one DAO.
And also,I'm quite puzzled which type of class need to be provided in the class diagram.Most people only specify business object in the class diagram,but if I only put these class in the class diagram,I find the number of classes is very few,so I want to ask you whether you put any technology class in it,such as the controller as facade.

We can use BMP+DAO to access lagacy system FFMS,and in this DAO,whether we can also put the database access code to access Travel system database tables?

When using enterprise beans, it's best to maintain session state with stateful session beans in the EJB tier. For Web-only applications, maintain the state in the Web tier as session attributes (using HttpSession).
Reasons to prefer stateful session beans over other approaches to maintaining session state include:

Thread safety--Enterprise beans are thread-safe. By contrast, sophisticated thread-safe servlets are difficult to write.
Lifecycle management--The EJB container manages the lifecycle of enterprise beans components, automatically creating new instances, and activating and passivating instances as necessary to optimize performance.
Client type neutrality--Enterprise beans can be accessed, either directly or through some sort of adapter, from multiple client types. This contrasts with HTTP session attributes, which are available only to HTTP clients.