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Recent posts by Marcus Raphael

Who cares!
Not interested!
Stop stiring things up!
If it as then... deel with it!
dont make people more worried by asking stupid questions.
If you are an I.T professional, you wouldn,t ask stupid questions like this.
Bexcause you would be well aware of what was going on in the field anyway!
so off!
17 years ago
Whats happening in the I.T field? Anything big to change! or nrew technology?
17 years ago
dont worry!
when it gets that bad im sure a war will happen or something to turn the table!
17 years ago
(Great Brittain) in the Past, now referred to as UK.
The future is Britain main industry exceeds 80% in services sector.
Today developing counrtires in time, china, india will swallow that income in time.
Us Brits need to be cleaverer and exploit the developing countries to remain one of the best!
Remember, we are developed, not developing so use your wits!
17 years ago
so, its good i live in the UK. With a strong currency. Many jobs still. Who would want to live in a developing country.
I am living life today.
Not tommorow.
I'll take advantage of working for organisations that exploit developing countries.
I wont bother working in java cos i have the information, not to make that mistake!
stuff you!
17 years ago
I got a good idea!
The problem is there are 2 many developers.
Not enough jobs!
Decrease in salaries!
(We should start our own organisation! Providing Services!)
17 years ago
Anything funny about the boss, or your colleague?
17 years ago
IT Opens up to the whole world!
That was on the news today introducing I.T to pour countries like Africa. To try and improve life there.
It will have even more of a killer blow effect to the western world!
What can you do though?
The future is bright, the future is software
17 years ago
Good luck
If your smart, you dont need luck
17 years ago
by the way, uk produces to many grads in every field not just I.T
(Business, Economics, Law etc )
The reason it is getting congested is because the goverment keep on saying theres a better life 4 those that go to university!
A degree aint enough any more.
When i graduated 3 months ago in BSc Computer Science along with 120 others. from my uni + there is another hundred uni's with 100's of courses in Computing with + "Maths"
Computer Science
Information systems
Information technology
prob a 100 000 it grads a year now from the U.K
but out of all of them probably 10% will do MSc
So now i'm in the skill set..............
+ this software engineering msc is costing me �6000 for one year which i dont think many student altready in debt can afford

Its a hard world o well. I still c a prosperous future at 21, my life hasnt even started yet
17 years ago
I think software Engineering MSc is the best type of MSc for the software industry!
Im not goig to worry about getting a job either.
Cos im young sharp, and in my opinion useful to an organisation.
It is a young mans game
17 years ago
Busines Management is a good line. Not as fast moving. I may transfer to management down the line, because the future isnt bright for software!
17 years ago
Bigger entrepreneur than Bill Gates if he can put Microsoft out of business at the same time!
17 years ago