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Recent posts by Ram Pathan

A real sucker. It ate up 3 hours. Time to get back to basics.

... One of the many reasons why you might get that error.

I wish the error was more descriptive.
14 years ago
I am not able to figure out why this isnt working. I would appreciate if some one can spot the issue with this code -

I have a class DNPrsnDtls
I have an arrayList of DNPrsnDtls as an attribute in the Form associated - SFPrsnDtls.
In the jsp associated, I am trying to loop through the aoDNPrsnDtls and display an attribute specific to DNPrsnDtls.

I am getting an error saying cannot find bean in any scope.

14 years ago
I made it through SCEA 1/3 - 60%

Time @ one and half months
@ Books - SCEA Osbourne Pub, Head First EJB, SCWCD Manning Pub.
@ Practice Exams - Exforsys, Osborne, Sun ePractice, moelholm practice tests

After having taken the exam I recommend - Moelholm tests, Sun ePractice tests
You can score about 40% if you go through SCEA Osbourne Pub and for the rest you are on your own.
This can be of some help - http://www.sweber.be/SCEA/

Good Luck.
15 years ago
I have a SCDJWS exam voucher that expires Nov 30. If any of you are interested in purchasing it please contact me @ kituz@yahoo.com
Please have the Subject line as : SCDJWS Exam Voucher

I didnt quite get y we call this on the object returned from the JNDI.
Can some one please explain ??

Thanks in advance.
A lil confused !!

Correct me if worng
1] A stateful Session Bean can be shared between multiple clients - False
2] An entity bean can be shared between multiple clients as long as the entity being shared is the same - False
3] There must be one stateless session bean per client for as long as the client is in the middle of a busineess method invocation on the bean - True

Where can i get the solutions to exercises in HFEjb ?
The link -http://www.headfirstjava.com/HeadFirst/HeadFirstEJB/code/HFEcode.jar
is inactive.
Can someone upload this jar file?
Guys i have been trying to configure WSAD for Cloudscape10 ... i am messing up the the configuration.

Can some one share the configuration settings with me if u have already done this?

Thx in adv.
19 years ago
Could some one let me know as to where i can get ItsoProGuidJava.jar that is used in almost all the examples mentioned in the WSAD tutorial (Red Book) ...

thx in advance.
19 years ago
I am trying to use the Java Client for accessing the Amazon Web Service.

It gives me an error which i guess is cos of some problem at the server side.

If any of you have tried this earlier please help me debug this -


i download the kit from http://www.amazon.com/gp/browse.html/104-3360383-3066366?node=3435361

i download this wsdl file you specified from http://soap.amazon.com/schemas3/AmazonWebServices.wsdl

- place it in the directory named JavaCodeSamples.

- run the axis.client.bat file

- it generates a set of classes with top directory as com

- i set the classpath and compile it.

- it gives me a bunch of errors and these being the wrong method names which i debug

- compilation is successful

- i run the client using java run

- select SOAP Query

- ASIN search

- enter the token i get in the "dev-tag"

- enter a ISBN number

- enter webservices-20 for "tag"

I get this message

Experienced RemoteException

(404) Not Found.

20 years ago
i am a bit confused. did u mean that a same service with 2 implementations have same UUID ?
plz correct me if i am wrong.
20 years ago
hmmn that was a simple one ... found the problem ... !!
had to shutdown and startup everything.
20 years ago
i modified the server.xml in jwsdp1.2/conf to have my tomcat started at a port 9946.
i get an error saying
SEVERE: Error initializing endpoint
java.net.BindException: Address already in use:9946
i tried changing the port many times thinking that it might have been already bound but i dont think thats the case.
any idea where i am going wrong?
thx in advance for help.
[ April 11, 2004: Message edited by: Kituz Greenluv ]
20 years ago
i tried that too.
Do this-
1. Download jaxm seperately.
2. follow the instructions for setting it up.
3. xerces.jar, one of the lib files required that comes with this pack is outdated. If this isnt up to date u would face compilation problems
4. search for the latest version of xerces.jar and place it in the reqd location.
5. to start off with writing applications go to this tutorial -> writing jaxm applications using sun one studio. they provide you with a war file that can instantly deployed in a tomcat container and a jaxm client.
6. start building this client and the service/server they provide in the war file to fit ur framework.
hope this helps
[ April 11, 2004: Message edited by: Kituz Greenluv ]
20 years ago
I am planning to take SCWCD and SCWSD exams in a period of 4/5 months.
WOuld like to pair up with some one whos planning to take them during the same time and prepare .... !!
Let me know in case .... !!