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Recent posts by vasu mannem

Ivan's & Mikalai's meterial helped a lot
10 years ago
I cleared the Web services 6 exam (1Z0-897)
10 years ago
Kumar Raja,

I am looking for mock exams, do you know the link to sun mocks or do you mind to share the link to me?

11 years ago
i know webservices 6 exam released recently, would wonder if any one prepared notes on it

11 years ago
What's the diff between 5 &6
Hey, you kidding me..

i know how to do in command prompt ....
asked eclipse plug-in

iam sure..i know how to search in the the google..
is there any other source where we can get the scdjws 5 mock exams?
Thank you very much Anish, I will try this option..
looks like they still have SCDJWS-CX-310-220 which is old version.
Then I am not seeing JAX-WS ->XJC on right click of XSD file from Glass fish.

You mean , open cmd and try to execute the XJC .. I do have Java 6 in my local machine..

can you please explain in detail.. how to generate java beans from XSD using terminal window..
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
JSR-109 Specification, section
"A WSDL file is required to be packaged with a Provider implementation."
However, an empty WSDL file like this one is apparently enough.
I already tried with that and copied that folder into plugin folder but no luck
Hey Kumar

Thank you for your reply..

I do agree with experts you are talking... unfortunately there is no support of XJC plug..

Its not the problem with my setup, i did it properly, but there is no source to download the XJC plugin.

can you tell me where I can download the XJC eclipse plugin for Glassfish with Metro?


any one from javaranch can help me to do the best setup to prepare the scdjws 5 exam

your help would be appriciatable....

please do not tell me use Glassfish with metro tool in Eclipse and XJC plugin ... I already tried that.. it is no more..