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Recent posts by Gayatri Aryan

Hello JavaRanchers:
I just now passed the SCBCD with 92% - 65 questions out of 70 were right. Thank you all for all your support, I wouldn't have done it without you guys...really I mean it!
1. Head First EJB - ofcourse!
2. EJB(3rd edition), By Monson-Haefel. It's must read.
3. And Mikalai Zaikin's notes. He has done a wonderful job. And I want to thank him for his sincere efforts.
I didn't read the specification at all. Just looking at the size of it made it nervous.
Mock exams(I practiced a lot of mocks exams!):
1. HFEJB - twice.
2. - twice.
3., the one with 30 random questions from 300 - around 8 times. was quite challenging...I rate it the best.
So yes guys, thank you all once again. And all the best for everyone who is in the process of preparing.
19 years ago
Definitely I'll...that's the least I can do for Javaranch...
Thanks Valentin! I'm relieved now...
I've my exam on the 8th...didn't want to go in with a doubt.
It's the question # 28 from the very first mock exam -
Given an Employee bean that has a corresponding Employee table in the database. Form a query that selects all employees with grades not equal to 'B'.
The table has the following fields - EID, FIRSTNAME, LASTNAME, DEPT AND GRADE

Why is my answer wrong?
SELECT object(e) FROM
Employee e WHERE
e.Grade <> 'B'
Thanks Prakash. I've been reading about entity beans for almost about a week now...guess I couldn't put 2 and 2 together.
One more question - are Isolation Levels covered in the exam?
Thanks Jeroen...I get it now!
But again, is it disallowed to use BMT demarcation at all or is it simply not a recommended way?
Thanks again.
[ April 01, 2004: Message edited by: Gayatri Aryan ]
Can somebody explain why Entity Beans can't use Bean Managed Transaction demarcation?
Congratulations! Great Score!
19 years ago
It isn't working for me either...