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Recent posts by deng sheng

package com.ejb;
import java.sql.Connection;
import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.sql.Statement;
import java.sql.ResultSet;
import java.sql.SQLException;
* It's just a fun,i only resolve a question for a net fiend.
* I am a chinese, i learn ejb 2 years,if my anwers you can't resolve
* your question communicate with me.
* @author xunn(
* 2003-12-16 9:41
public class Finder{
public static Connection conn ;
private static StringBuffer queryNames =
new StringBuffer("select * from ");
private static String tableName = "mytable";
*construstor now create connection
public Finder(){
if(conn == null){
//create a Connection ,DriverFactory is
//my Connection factory can crete an database connection.
conn = DriverFactory.getConnection();
* construstor now create connection and
* give the class member tableName a real table name;
public Finder(String tableName){
if(conn == null){
//create a Connection ,DriverFactory is my
// Connection factory can crete an database connection.
conn = DriverFactory.getConnection();
this.tableName = tableName;
* use a StringBuffer to make sql,current return is ArrayList
* you can use return an Object
* has more set or get method.I use ArrayList
* ,It's a simple resolve method.
* findByPersonNames(String [] names)
* If names array is null, I should get all Persons.
* If names array has one name,
* then I sould get one Person
* If names array has two names,
* then I sould get two Persons, and so on.
* question resolve, ok?
public ArrayList findByPersonNames(String[] names){
ArrayList ret = new ArrayList();
Statement stmt = null;
ResultSet rs = null;
if(names != null){
queryNames.append(" where ");
for(int i = 0;i<names.length;i++){
if(i == 0)
queryNames.append(" name=").append(names[i]);
queryNames.append(" or name=").append(names[i]);
stmt = conn.createStatement();
rs = stmt.executeQuery(queryNames.toString());
//you can use getString or other method to
//choose which you will be used
}catch(SQLException sqle){
if(rs != null) rs.close();
if(stmt != null) stmt.close();
}catch(SQLException ex){
return ret;
*I have the following three find methods:
*findByName(String name)
*findByAge(int age)
*findByNameAndAge(String name, int age)
* you can use same way to resolve your question.
* good luck to you .
hi,thank you see my topic "a question about jsp:foward".I don't know why <jsp:foward> create a't clear areadly cleared buffer!
I find a method to reslove this problem ,but i don't know why the question is created,who can tell me the reason? thank you!
20 years ago