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It's hard to say whether this test was more or less difficult than some of the mocks I took, because my nerves were a little on edge. It is definitely challenging.
My regards to the following:

  • "A Programmer's Guide to Java Certification" by Khalid Mughal and Rolf Rasmussen. The version I have is for the 1.2 version, but regardless, this is like the Bible of Java. It has more info than the exam requires. However, if you want to make sure you know the stuff inside-and-out, read this. The more you know, the better suited you are to answer Sun's trickier questions.
  • "Exam Cram Java 2" by Bill Brogden. Not as detailed as above book, but it's meant soley for the exam. Has great tips and alerts for common slip-ups.
  • Dan Chisholm's mock exams: I averaged around a 75% on the exams. They are hard but they definitely test your understanding of the topics and not just your ability to pass the exam.
  • Marcus Green's mock exams: Very close to the real exam. I averaged about about an 85% on them.
  • Javacertificate.com: A great place to access your strengths and weaknesses. I scored a 94% on their "final" exam, but I was more used to their style of questions since I'd been using their site a lot.
  • Javaranch.com: Otherwise I'd be posting this somewhere else!

  • -Mike
    20 years ago

    Originally posted by Karthik Veeramani:
    This is more than what u'll need Mike. This forum has the best java folks around, including the authors of the books u use... Clear out all the doubts off ur mind, this is THE BEST.
    The mock exam links here r real cool, with varying levels of difficulty. U hav some which r slightly easier than the real exam, some which r equal, some tougher than the real 1... Make use of them properly, and u neednt doubt getting a good score in the exam...

    Sorry...I meant the site "javacertificate.com".
    But yes, JavaRanch is terrific, I wish I found it earlier (I take the test in 2 days).
    I have yet to take the exam, but I found this site extremely useful. My question is, how close (in level of difficulty) is it to the real exam?