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Recent posts by Paul Callaly

It's 52%. There are 61 questions and you have to get 31 of them correct to pass
Regarding the survey at the start of the exam. I think to take away peoples fears it should be at the end of the exam. People will answer the questions much more thruthfully. I didn't like filling it in because of what I read on the exam, so I answered the same for every question.
18 years ago
I have few questions aswell. I am thinking of moving to Australia in November and wanted to squeeze in another certification or two before I go. Does anybody know if it is possible to pass the IBM486 exam by August using the study plan described above?
Also my job at the moment is creating Web portal software. I write code from the frontend JSPs to the backend EJBs using VAJ for Java. My question is, would it be useful to have SCBCD certificate aswell, or just concentrate on IBM486?
Any advice on this would be great since I can't get advice from my team here
18 years ago
Did the test on Saturday and passed with a respectable 86%. Exam was full of thread questions. Question 12-20ish were all thread questions with 3 of them with some nasty bits of long code. It's difficult to trace through the code from a screen I find.
I started studying in January by reading Kathy and Bert's book. I am working as a programmer over here in Japan so it was tough to find the time as I have Japanese exams to keep me busy aswell. I read it twice, the second time round I made notes. This took maybe 3 hours a day 4 days a week for the 2 months(other days spent studying japanese ) My one recommendation would be if possible do some every day. I couldn't but I noticed my level was down any time I took a long break from the Java.
I only finished the second read 2 weeks ago and then I got stuck into the mock exams. Dan Chisolms exams were a bit too difficult but very good as a study aid(especially Collections and Keywords exams)
Below are links I used. The velmurugan_p study notes were for the 1.2 exam but excellent.
18 years ago
Not really mine (I got it from this board a while back) but it makes one of my least favourite questions soooo easy.
a = x >> y;
same as:
a = x/2^y;(2 to the power of y)
a = 99 >> 4;
same as:
a = 99/(2*2*2*2);
And for left shift
a = x << y;
same as:
a = x * 2^y; (2 to the power of y)
a = 99 << 4;
same as:
a = 99 * 2^4; (2*2*2*2)
Bit of a Programming 101 question but what does the unary operator () do?
The following list might also be helpful for people studying for the test
Thanx, Paul
Unary operators are: ++ -- + - ! ~ ()
Arithmetic operators are: * / % + -
Shift operators are: << >> >>>
Comparison operators are: < <= > >= instanceof == !=
Bitwise operators are: & ^ |
Short-circuit operators are: && ||
Conditional operators are: ?:
Assignment operators are: = "op="
Informit used to offer (maybe in partnership with that site) mock questions for the 1.4 exam. They've rewritten their website now and must have removed that section.
I used to get a mock question sent to my mailbox every morning to get me warmed up for the day.
Well doing the exam tomorrow, so only time for cramming now anyway.
Has informit taken away their examcram section? I can't link to it anymore.
Anyone got a new link?
In theory I understand the way Threads join() method works, but when I am testing it with some code, I am getting unexpected results. I thought if you say:
1. start a thread1
2. start a thread2
3 do thread2.join()
I thought the result would be thread1 will pause until thread2 finishes then go back to runnable and eventually finish. Here's my code with an exlanation of results:

No matter how I change the for loop counter int in run(), Fred always finishes before Lucy. Surely he has joined the end of Lucy and must wait till she finishes.
Thanx for any help
If you define a method within an anonymous Class can you ever invoke it? It seems (from what I've read so far) that Anonymous classes can only be used to override methods Like in Listeners() and the like.
That makes good sense. It's enough to help me move on to the next topic. That problem's been bugging me all afternoon
Sorry previous post a little difficult to read, my first ever post. This is the new and improved Post.
The following are 2 sample programs that I altered from a study book. I don't understand why the output changes when I change Animal's eat method's Access level. I thought both would have outputted Horse Eating Horse Food. If anyone can explain the reason for this, please let me know

Output:Horse Eating Horse Food

Output: Generic Animal Eating Generically