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I agree that this is more of a discipline. Maybe you can motivate the team by explaining to them the short term and long term benefit of unit testing. Site good examples if you can. Do pair programming with them and lead by example.

Or if not, enforce it to the team . What you can do is to require them to have unit test where it make sense as part of your code review process. Then that will become a practice in their day to day activities. Or as previously mentioned, establish a metric regarding code quality to measure if you are improving or not in that aspect and make it as part of your team goal.
Boxing + Weight Lifting + Good Diet
15 years ago
thanks. i will check your recommendation

Maybe this is a dumb question for you guys. I want to know if there is a proper way to compose user stories? What should be the content? and how should
I compose the tasks of this story?

This exam gives me a little bit of interest. Does anyone here already tried taking this exam? Is this worth in the industry? I wonder if this is already standardized. More info is here
I think its not how long we sleep but the quality of our sleep. Old folks tends to have a shorter sleep.
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17 years ago
In connection to this thread, how necessary for developers to rank the list of team backlogs? Or why is it beneficial for the developers to have the backlog list ranked (1,2,3,4....and so on)?

Originally posted by Lasse Koskela:

In Scrum terms, where you have a product backlog and a sprint backlog, my strong opinion is that there should be one product backlog for one project and one sprint backlog per one team within that project. it. But whose going to maintain the product backlog? I believe this should be the product owner. And the sprint back log which I believe is the collection of tasks from the product backlog where developers can pick from.
- split up the team, so that you have one team per project
- in this context we are not considered as a team, we will be treated as group of individuals doing diffrent project. It becomes project focus not customer focus.
- have every iteration/sprint deal with exactly one project
- again, its not ideal if i have several projects with different product owners. Product owners is only concern that things should be delivered as promised to the customer. No product owner will give in their way for the others.
- let the product owners figure it out for themselves
- i might go with this one, putting them in a Steel Cage Death Match
Petition King
- i smell politics for this one. But nice giving it a try
[ June 04, 2007: Message edited by: arnel nicolas ]
If devs is dealing with several projects with several tasks. Is it ok to have one backlog list than to have a separate back log list for every project? If they are in one back log list (ideally), how are they(tasks) ranked? I believe
there will be several product owners who wants their task to get prioritized first.
Well, I am planning to read Refactoring by Martin Fowler.
17 years ago
Absolutely hilarious
18 years ago
well, ditto here with Stuart. As an engineer, you do not only need to master all the the technical stuff. You need also to learn some basic communication since some of your time you might be dealing with your clients. You really don't need to perfect this, but at least try to get to the point where you you can express yourself and at the same time make them understand you. Some projects fails because of communication barriers.
18 years ago
Get a regular exercise. Maybe 30 min a day will do.
18 years ago