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kiran vydhyam
Error: Cannot read, right?
I used to have a similar problem. I think the editor you are working on is adding it's own extension to your java file. For example when you save you have something like: right?
This time, when you save, include " ". For example, ""
That should allow javac to read A
Maybe to hide extensions for known file types may be permanent.
19 years ago
Hi Lorylee
the problem maybe in your classpath or just path
i guess your compiler does not know where you put your program
1. make sure u save your files in the "bin" directory
i mean for example:
"save as" locate where you installed JDK. Typically, on "C drive" then "jdk1.4.1" then "bin" then "save"
2."start" then "run" then type "sysedit" then add:
set classpath=%classpath%;c:\jdk1.4.1\bin and then save your work.
3. Test by going to dos prompt and typing "path"
you should see your path least that's what i think.
N.B always save your programes with extension ".java"
19 years ago
JVM = JavaVirtualMachine
JRE = JavaRuntimeEnvironment

The JVM sits between your program and the computer. It creats a hypothetic compter that has a program called an interpreter used to convert your written code into byte codes 1's and 0's which the JVM can handle with the help of your processor(hardware.
I think of the JRE as the process and eviroment in which you come in to say where what happens, maybe a console for javac and not the code editor itself.
JVM is included in JRE and runs your code. If you want to develop java apps, you need the JavaDeveloperKit (JDK).
i guess the JDK contains both.It's the Java Development Kit.
19 years ago