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Recent posts by R.x Lan

I am not the last people took this exam.
visit there :http://www.register.prometric.com
During the exam, I got many questions on UDDI/JAXR ( not WSDL) and about 5 questions are drag N drop.
It was weird: the first 20 questions are hard and the last 10 questions are very basic questions.
I got information from test center(prometric.com)

"Unfortunately, we are not aware of this misinformation. In the event this exam is no longer offered you will be contacted."
I had scheduled this exam @Oct 10, so I think (I) still can take 310-220 exam since I do not get any email from test center or SUN about the change. (SUN should post formal information some time) ,if I was forced to take new exam, should ask my money back or retake. Can I change to 230 in one week?
I just bought the exam voucher and the link was there in last week.

Originally posted by Max Habibi:
Actually, I wasn't. That a book we planned on writing, but unfortunately, it never came to be.

But you could write something for us!
[ March 22, 2006: Message edited by: R. Lan ]
"That guide has become the proverbial carrot", I like thus words!
you might find them at some yahoo group