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Recent posts by Tonny Tssagovic

Thanks for the reply Kripal
Well I said it looks like a chat room ( the design) but it is not a chat room So jsp is not an option. I need to have a messaging bus for java clients (like aplets) and where peert to peer communication is not an option. (everything has to go through the server)
Any ideas? JMS performance in general for 10.000 clients subscribed to a listener? Does JMS perform better in point to point messaging or in publish subscribe?
There are some papers on the net, but not that practical.
Hello folks,
I need to make an application, that is very much like a chat application.
There would be a very big chat room with all the members (some kind of publish/subscribe, where all the peers could be submitters and listeners) and there will be a lot of PM chats, some kind of point to point messaging via the server.
The protocol needs to be light (not very verbose, after all we just need to send a message by identifying the destiator).
My question is: is JMS suitable for this kind of applications or is it too "heavy" for this purpose? I have read some time ago about XMLBlaster which provides TCP /RMI / SOAP/ CORBA and many interfaces to a messaging bus based on XML, and there were a performance page stating that for 10.000 clients (subscribers) and a publisher; With CORBA, 435 messages/sec are delivered on a 600Mhz pc.

Is there a better performing messaging BUS (open source / free )? And how does it compare to JMS performance ?
Thanks in advance!
I forgot to mention Etel API, but it does not seem to support any DTMF tones. BTW, can we play DTMF tones with the MMAPI ToneControl ? I would like to dial a number and dial DTMF tones
19 years ago
Hello ranchers,
Well I know that you can not dial with MIDP1, but u can do that in MIDP2 (using platformRequest if well implemented) but it is not sure if the application could continue to run after that according to the specs. It is up to the manif. to decide. I would like to ask you if you know ANY API, that would allow me to DIAL and input DTMF tones. I know U can do that with JavaPhone API, but I think it is only supported in nokia communicators. I am also sure that you can do that with symbian, but I don't know yet which function. I found this FreeDIalDialogin the API, but it has a dialog box, isn't there another function when cal call directly? Or any other manifacturer OEM API?
Thanks a lot !
19 years ago
Thanks for the reply William
I will try that!
19 years ago
Hello folks, I am using tomcat as a service and added the -server option to the registry. Is there a way to check if that has been taken in consideration, I can not really see changes right now, but was curious as how one could figure out if the JVM got it=
Thanks a lot.
19 years ago
Thanks for the reply
I think I did not make myself clear

Originally posted by Lasse Koskela:

The point I'm trying to make with this dumbass question is that automated tests are automated.

Yeah, but what I mean is that if we have 100 different options to test (with all different kind of replies) then u still need to make 100 tests, and 100 different "parsers and checkers" of your reply. and u still need to double the number of testers, as the "automated" test is not much of automated, it can check if 10000 pages conform to the same schema/dtd/format, but can not check if 100 different pages are all ok (conform to the protocol).

Automated testing can't replace "visual testing" completely in projects where a GUI is involved. .

Yeah, actually I am just checking the data, and it is no HTML reply but our own format to be parsed and presented by our client app. Actually I tested the client application and the final GUI looks fine, but I can not make sure my client application is actually going through all the possible situations. BTW this actually raises a question, in case I am responsible of the client, I can make sure that my client is sending some parameters and that they are in the right format. My server application is not checking these, and thus I should not make tests when these parameters are passed in the wrong format?

So as far as I understand, there is not much of automated testing in here (well it always takes more time to check the reply with ur eyes then with ur code) and in this case HTTPUnit is not really suitable to test. (it would be if it were checking 10000 pages with all the same "structure" maybe).
19 years ago
Thank you for your help Lasse
All the others input is very much welcomed as well, I think having a longer discussion /more points of view will help me (and others hopefully) to understand these issues

But what does this automated testing bring that hand testing would not (it seems for me that checking the reply with code would take at least as long as checking it by just looking at it (yeah maybe some hidden/space charecters or some)
Thank you in advance!
19 years ago
Hello people,
I want to test the functionality of my web app (actually a mobile app). I read some articles about HTTPUnit, and how it can be used instead of a browser to send ur requests from ur program, and checks the replies (it even comes with helpful functionality like parsing HTML tables and so on).
Now, I assume automated tests are supposed to be helping us developers from making repetetive long tasks, so instead of sitting and typing on the brwoser the input and manually checking the output, let the computer do it.
However (My question) how can I chose the Input/output pairs that will make sure most of my webb app is functionning well, just check all "the pages" that the cleint might request? The application is database driven, and there are endless no of states that it could be in, so to make many input /output sequence, I might just make an other program that is getting the data from t�he database, and checking it aainst the reply returned (and parsed) from the HTTP request via my HTTPUnit program??? Now how do u make sure this new program is well functionning? If u r not supposed to make sucha program that is able to generate many input /output pairs, and u find them manually (BTW what is the approach in here) then why would u need to make a test program at all, u can just make them manually (it is shorter for u to sit and type the input and expect the output, then to make a program that parses ur own data format and checks the output???

Please help, what did I miss? writting automated functional tests with a big number of pairs (input and output) seems to be an extra overhead for me? (apart from "documenting" or haveing a prove that the application has been tested )
Thank you very much :roll:
19 years ago
Heh, No replies
Come on guys, Shoot, just any thoguhts :roll:
19 years ago
Hello ranchers,
I had an argument with my friend about a design they chose. They have a "centralized" servlet that receives requests and just delegates them to the other servlets. Now the other servlets do the processing and return. He is saying that this would allow "container independent" load balancing, in case we want to distribute the load via this servlet. I told him that this is far from being the way u do load balancing (after all, u can just toggle some XML fields, and let the container do it for u automatically, no need to change the code...) and I told him that this is just adding overhead (calling a servlet instead of a simple POJO for the business logic/we r not using EJBs). Now assuming we don't take in consideration that the business logic should be separated from the "servlet" related code, or we just assume that the second layer servlets (those that process the requests dispatched to them by the MAIN controller servlet) also delegate the call to POJOs for business logic; IS there any advantage of Having this kinda of chain of servlets ? (not filters) ?? Do u guys have any good/bad arguments for/against it?
Please advice us, we really need other people's view!
Thanks for your time
19 years ago
Hello Mr. Durrab,
Congrats for the exam My friend has a business in pakistan, and he is searching for j2me guys. If you send me ur CV I will personnaly forward it to him. tsagovic at U can also put put ur e mail on the forum, and I will make sure he contacts you.
19 years ago
Hello there,
My friend (who is originally from pakistan) has a company there, and is looking for j2me people?? any rancher from pakistan that passed the exam?
Please drop me a message / an e-mail and I am gonna give u the details how to reach him.
Hello people, I don't know if this is the right forum, but I wanted to ask u guys if u know any cheap hosting company for dedicated servers...
There is seems good with the cheapest server 49� but I wanna check if I can find a better deal.. It is for a test server not deployment, but the up time is still important..
Any advice??
Thanks in advacne!"
19 years ago
Thanks for ur time Mike
19 years ago