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Recent posts by Rekha Pande

Is this article true or is it just a 1st April joke on NDTV news?
Technology sounds of wall
17 years ago
sun certified crystal energy corrector ...
what's that supposed to be??
17 years ago
Is there any website for such information?
17 years ago
hey has any one other there .. heard about crystal energy correction.
Came across this person on website - Janarrdhana Gupta - has any one heard of him.. ?
17 years ago
The cost of living in Dubai is quite high.
Small accomodation itself will cost you around 4000 AED onwards. Most likely the one that are available will be priced higher than this.

For a person having 5+ years expereince - the expectation should not be less than 15,000 AED. (which is minimum)

Hope this helps.
17 years ago
hey thanks for the replies.
the profile is indeed - business Analyst.
17 years ago

What is the 'role name' for a person who works on the business side but works closely with IT.(for project implementation)

For eg: a person who would be handling e-banking projects - he would need the exposure of business as well as IT knowledge. Such a person often becomes the middle man between business and IT.

I am unable to find a suitable 'role name' for such a profile? Please can you guys out there suggest role names for such a position?.

17 years ago
Does any onw know how to copy paste the error message inside the script error of Internet explorer???
17 years ago
Hi all,

Yeh my problem is solved. I had searched this forum for access denied error and i cam across this post Java ranch forum - Access denied.

And the url was http://textport:8080/texturl.jsp and the child form url was 1111.22:8080/upload.jsp

When i changed the 1111.22:8080 to textport:8080, its working fine now..!

Any ways thanxs to all.
Hi all,

I didn't change my code, but the error that it is giving me right now is Access denied/..???

Can any one suggest as to why this error is coming..and not allowing my child form to interact with the parent form..!!!

Hi all,

I have two forms
1. Parent Form
2. Child Form
I have used window.opener.document.Parent_forname.fieldname.value = childform_value

function sendInfo(TxtVal)
window.opener.document.Parent_forname.fieldname.value = TxtVal
window.close(); //Closes the child window

Button in the child form - onclicking = "sendInfo('Passing a Value')"

Now the passing of value from the child form to the parent WORKS FINE on my PC when running through tomcat 8080, but when i upload the application to the tomcat server which is running on my companies intranet, it says that
Parent_forname.fieldname is null or not an Object.

Can any body plz suggest any reason why when the application runs from my PC it works fine, but when the same in run from tomact server which is live it gives a null object error..!!!???

Thanxs in advance.
Ok, i have solved my problem. Just for every ones information,
When we write
"full name<>" in the from address of java mail, then the email when viewed by the recepient will show the reply to address as
"full name []".

Thanxs any ways
18 years ago
Any suggestion as to how i can set the from address in the email that i sent from java mail to be:
18 years ago
Hi all

When ever a user posts a request through my application, a mail is usually sent out to them stating that their request is recorded and other details.

But in my send mail usually the email address that goes to the user is like this :

right now, i have the need to change the email address that goes to the user as: Application Name []...
How would i do this..!!???

If i try to write the string "Application Name []" in the from address, it gives me an error:
Illegal White spaces and If i remove the white spaces then it gives me the error - Illegal Character in local name

So please can some one guide me on how to send email with the from Address as : Application Name [] .
Just the same way, when we send a email from MS outlook, the email address is usually of the format "USER NAME [USER EMAIL ADDRESS]"

18 years ago
I have changed the onclick to onclicking coz it was giving me problem is posting the message. Please ignore the 'onclicking'