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If I were you guys, I would use a build tool like ant or an IDE like Eclipse (which has junit built in) to run the examples, instead of using cmd line.
Trying to clean up your PATH and CLASSPATH variables that WIN XP sets is a pain. You may find that every java app server (and even applications) you install has its own JVM and resets those variables. Just use the tools!
16 years ago
Interesting you mention that. I started using jMock and so far I like it, but of course here are some of my issues:

Factory Methods:
AFAIN this is one of the best techniques (do not want to use dependancy injection) to provide the CUT objects that it needs to perform tasks. I then override that method using the good ole' anon class trick... but in order for me to be able to use the jMock syntax, I have to create an additional inner class and set the expectations in that method and manually invoking verify(). I do not like this because my inner classes get so complex they need test cases!

Another strange issue I run into is with logging. It seems that my fellow developers love to write a debug line every time they do something, which then leads to effecting the expectations.

What can I say. I work with a bunch of old C++ developers and all they like to do is create abstract classes. Now I have to know what the heck is going on in these parent classes so that I can create the appropriate expectations.
16 years ago
Found something...
Is it safe to say that is out of competition?
Posted by: Joe Walnes on June 03, 2004 in response to Message #124470 1 replies in this thread
Most of the team behind the original expectation library and the DynaMock package are also the team behind jMock.

We are changing the focus slightly... is becoming a general site to find out information on mockobjects. This will include: tutorials, patterns, best practices, news, community discussions and a directory of other mock object libraries. This site will not be Java specific. It shall be getting a face lift in the near future and filled with more content. is the home of the Java mock objects library that started out on The library has evolved based on experiences, feedback and further understanding of effective usage of mocks.

The old libraries on will have very little further development as we encourage people to move to jMock. However, they will still be supported as there is already an existing userbase.
16 years ago
Thanks for the reply. I will try the support site.
16 years ago
Does anyone know what the status of the SourceForge MockObjects project is?
Where they consumed or replaced?

Their site has no content and the US mirrors fail when I try and download the jars. Mailing list archive is filled with Spam so I opted not to try that.
16 years ago
Thats a pretty large stack trace to read through. Would you be able to provide a little more info regarding how and when the error occurs?
Is this a Message Driven Bean?
How are you sending the message?
What is your implementation like etc..?
<%@ page session="true"%>
Isn't that equivalent to:
HttpSession session = request.getSession(true);
I believe that the directive is implictly set to true but Eugene is correct don't write what you don't have to:

in my application i am calling one JSP from servlet. I set some
attributes in session object in servlet.

How exactly are you doing this? I have run into trouble using http://localhost:someportnumber with session objects in firefox if this is your probelm try your http://yourmachinename:yourportnumber instead.
Also careful you are not blocking cookies you will need it for jsessionid if not using url rewriting.
17 years ago
Bear and Eugene,

Thank you for your responses and in fact you are both correct. My original c ut was a typo (thanks for catching that) I meant to write a.propertyValue['key'] which would not work because I my intention is to retrieve the ArrayList not the map. Makes sense to return the entire map and the iterate through the list in this case.

Thanks Again
17 years ago
The following code...

Produces the following error:

Is using a get method with a parameter a limitation of EL?
17 years ago
Never mind. I figured out I was the client side deployment descriptor and made all ejb-ref entries in there.
17 years ago
I am a JBoss/Distributed Java newbie and there is something I do not quite understand about j2ee clients. In the cmp example provided, one packages the Client application (roster-app-client.jar) into the EAR file in order to be able to run it externally.
I tried it a second time omitting the roster-app-client from the EAR but when attempting to run the client, a javax.naming.NameNotFoundException is thrown with this error "RosterClient not bound"
Why do we have to bind the client to the server? I understand that we need to use the JBoss JNDI implementation to look up the SessionBeans but why do we need an entry for the Client? Isn't the client independant of the remote application it is invoking (In this case a SessionBean)?
17 years ago
Hi Folks,

I am not sure if this is the appropriate forum for this but...
Are you interested in learning EJB?
I attend Pace University in White Plains, NY and they are offering a distributed computing course. It is in danger of being cancelled because we do not have enough students enrolled. If you are interested PLEASE sign up. The course starts July 12th and ends in August (6 weeks meets twice a week) I would love to see you there!

Here is the description from

CS644 Internet Computing with Distributed Components
3 credits
This course covers distributed component technologies and their application in enterprise Web applications. It focuses on the latest non-proprietary application server and distributed component technologies such as CORBA, Enterprise JavaBeans, and other j2EE technologies and on application server architectures and system integration with pre-built distributed components. A concise review will be made on Java networking, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, and JavaBeans. The course will be based on well-designed lab projects to provide rich experiences in each of the key server computing areas. Team-based course projects will apply current technologies in the design and development of advanced enterprise Web applications.

The only pre-requisite is intermediate knowledge of J2SE.
Are you sure you are not running another web server or application on Port 80 other than Tomcat?
18 years ago
I think the problem is related to Tomcat not finding the class files that are in the trimIBM.*; package.
Hence the error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: trimIBM/IDatabase
I assume IDatabase is one of the "converted" COM classes and is in your c:\IBM\bridge2java\trimIBM

When Tomcat starts it looks first starts up it loads the classes (and jars) in your
A. $JRE_install/lib (this may be implied)
B. $Catalina_home/common/lib
C. $Catalina_home/shared/lib
D. /WEB-INF/classes and /WEB-INF/lib
I would have also suggested to place them in the classpath but a bartender mentioned that Tomcat does not use the system classpath, so it would not help this situation. I guess that is only for when compiling.
So to get to the possible solution:
What you probably will have to do is copy all of the files in trimIBM and save them in your /WEB-INF/classes/trimIBM or JAR them and place them in the /WEB-INF/lib of your webapp.

I hope this helps...
18 years ago
Hi JS,
First things first, are your CATALINA_HOME and CLASSPATH variables set?
Did you place the $J2SE_HOME/bin in your PATH value?
do you have the source code on the page that you could post?
18 years ago