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Recent posts by Terry Milan

I looked into Spring Boot last year.  It seemed to be the hot topic back then.  This year I don't see it as much as a job requirement.  Are companies starting to reconsider this and moving onto the next Microservice architecture such as Docker?

Also, I bought a book on Spring Boot over a year ago.  I haven't inspected your book yet, but I feel the other book was rushed to tap a hot market.  It demonstrated just web server wrapped in Spring Boot's container.  I don't feel that it gave a real world example of microservices.

Lastly, as I read about Spring Boot all I could wonder is: Is this the new EJB?  The world wrestled with EJB for years before just deciding to co-locate.
4 years ago
So far I have seen many of the same features mentioned with IntelliJ that either come with Eclipse or can be added in for FREE. Can anyone provide me with the chief advantage I would gain after spending $500 on IntelliJ?

Also, many commercial products include plug-ins to Eclipse which enable them work with their products. Which large software vendors are partnering with IntelliJ providing add-ons which enable work with their products?
I see, I need to go a Sun facility to take it. Any idea roughly how long? Can you pick a day or does it generally require time off from work?
Is there a FAQ that has information such as this? I have question such as once you start the exam is there a limit in time where you have to complete it? With no proctor present, can't I just lookup the answers?
Thank you Nate. I think I understand that Ajax doesn't rely on a backend server of any type either. It appears that the data exchanged is fairly raw. I am not familiar with XMLHttpRequest, I am bouncing back and forth to an XMLHttpRequest and Struts and this site trying to get caught up. However, if I were to implement a streaming news reader, for instance, I would rely on native HTTP chunking protocol between my server and Ajax client and I would block in a 'get loop' waiting the next feed? I handle the headers myself? Also, it looking like the document can be very raw, not necessarily XML as the object name implies?
I read a few brief descriptions of AJAX. All of the material showed request/response type samples. How does the Asynchronous part of Ajax work. Let's say I wanted to display a "Times Square" news reader over the top of page. Would this be a good application?

Also, what kind of latency might I expect downloading the Ajax engine? Once downloaded will it be cached somewhere? Plug-in available or needed?
One of the concerns that I have with frameworks is on the issue of performance and scalability of serverside applications. Does this book address only the issues of how to use, or does it demonstrate methods that can boost throughput?
How would I code a query involving a union all in the *hbm.xml file?

For instance:

select error_cd, sub_code, message, component
from error_messages
where error_cd < 0
union all
select errno, 0, errstr, user
from syslog_msg
where errno > 0
I am using a Sun 1.4.2 JDK and the db2jcc.jar type 4 driver attempting to access a DB2 database running in OS/390. Each time I run I receive the following exception:

SQLException caught sending request:unsupported encoding Cp037

The type 4 driver trace facility shows that returned data is encoded as EBCDIC, character set cp037. When running with a Sun JVM this throws an exception, however, when I run the same application with an IBM JVM, there is no problem.

Can anyone suggest a work around?

I agree with what you say. I did add the Local interfaces and everything worked. I checked the messages boards at both Jboss.org an sourceforge and there seems to be a tiff with regard to whether this is a bug or not.
One thing that is not clear to me is why when your direction is uni-directional there necessarily needs to be a local interface in the opposite direction not [apparently] used by the referenced bean. I realize why the local interfaces are required when there is a bi-directional relationship, but I don't see what purpose this serves when the relationship is one-way.
Can you clear this up for me?
17 years ago
I am running examples from a book that I purchased and have reached something odd. I have a Remote Entity Bean which has an entity relation ship to another Entity Bean which is accessed through a local interface. All beans are housed in a single jar. When I deploy my sample bean JBoss creates a stack trace saying that my remote bean must have a local home interface. Messages directly before the stacktrace indicate that JBoss does locate the remote interfaces that I want to use.
Does JBoss require that a Remote Entity Bean referencing a Local Entity Bean also provide Local interfaces too?
17 years ago
I don't have experience with JBoss on USS, but I have had some experience with Java on USS. If you haven't done so, you may want to get the JBoss source code from Source Forge and rebuild it on the USS platform. You might have to untar the configuration files on to an ASCII machines and ftp them to USS so that they go through an ASCII to EBCDIC conversion.
The problem I had the most was regarding ASCII and EBCDIC conflict. Java Strings that are created at run time are EBCDIC byte encoded. If your JBoss implementation was built on an ASCII machine, it may contain static String types that were build using ASCII byte encoding. When at run time you try to compare these two Strings, the comparison will fail because the Strings contain different byte encoding.
17 years ago
I think I resolved my own problem. I think the problem was on the server side /etc/hosts file. There was no entry for localhost. I corrected the localhost entry so that it pointed to loopback in the server. This seemed to correct some confusion in JBoss.
17 years ago
Thank you for taking the time to reply. I am fairly sure that I am hitting the correct jndi.properties file. I added a loop that printed the entries in the properties object. Also, I took a shot at building the properties object itself, but to no available. And you are correct, the stack trace was copied from the remote machine.
17 years ago