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Raw sockets allow one to directly access the IP & Datalink layer , bypassing the transport layer. By that I mean one can directly construct IP headers and even Datalink headers for network packets.
This is mostly used for writing 'sniffer' kind of applications or writing applications like 'ping' , traceroute', etc where the IP header is constructed by the application programmer rather than the Unix/Linux kernel.
Raw sockets are also used for writing a lot of Network Management applications, ICMP error monitoring, etc.
I guess my earlier question was not clear; in the sense that I assumed people will understand by what is meant by "Raw Sockets".
Anyway, thanks a lot.
Unix & Linux provide access to the IP & the Data Link layer using raw sockets. Does Java provide any such access? Or does java have any API which will allow me to directly access the IP & the Data Link Layer?
Hi all!!
I am currently taking a course in Networks Programming covering the following under UNIX/Linux.
The Socket Library
Remote Procedure Calls (RPC)
IP multicast concepts and applications
Developing applications that satisfy QOS constraints
Developing secure network applications
Developing SNMP based network monitoring tools
Multimedia Networking

Most of the concepts are covered with respect to Unix/Linux. We need to do one project which will cover some of the above topics. We have a choice of doing this project in Unix/Linux using C/C++ or Windows or Java.
We have decided to do the project in Java, since most of us are java developers. What we need are some suggestions for a medium- sized project for 5 java developers which can be completed in about 3 weeks.
Currently, the faculty have suggested the following projects under Unix:
1. HTTP server
2. OSPF implementation on linux.
3. Network Address Translation System
4. Multipoint Network Packet Decoder Using RPC (network sniffer)
6. MultiCast File Updates (ticker board, stock quotes,
simultaneous file updates etc )
7. Secure FTP & secure Copy (using ecryption)
8. Implementing standard protocols like HTTP, SMTP, etc.
Can u please suggest me some similar projects which can be written in Java? If any of the above projects can be done in Java, that too would help.
We are currently developing a web-based application which uses Java (JSP) clients to communicate with a server using SOAP. We are using DOM API specified by w3c to construct the XML API DOM using custom JSP tags. This DOM is then encapsulated in a SOAP envelope & sent to the server using HTTP. The server response is also in the form of SOAP which is sent over HTTP.
Is there any java API support which will allow us to construct/parse the SOAP envelope/body etc? If it is not available is it going to be supported in the future?
22 years ago
How to Create a frame without title bar?
22 years ago
Hi all!!
I am using JConnect52 JDBC driver to connect to Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere 6.0.
My problem is this: I am unable to retrieve the OUT parameter from a Stored Procedure which returns multiple resultsets, a return value & an OUT parameter. Only the resultset & return value is retrieved. On attempting to retrieve the OUT parameter, i get an SQL Exception.
Consider a Sybase Stored Procedure :
procedure dba.MyProcedure(@SId integer,@VId integer,@outparam integer)
select @outparam=48
select* from shippers where shippers.shipperid>@SId
select* from vineyards where vineyards.vineyardrid>@VId
return 678
This is the code i use to execute the above Stored Procedure & then retrieve the parameters:
// assuming i am already connected to sybase
String sStatement = new String("{?= call MyProcedure(?, ?, ?)}");
CallableStatement cs = conn.prepareCall(sStatement);

cs.setInt(2, 2);
cs.setInt(3, 2);
cs.setInt(4, 2);
cs.registerOutParameter (1, Types.INTEGER);
cs.registerOutParameter (4, Types.INTEGER);
System.out.println ("now executing the stored procedure... ");
System.out.println("Does not return a resultset");

while (cs.getMoreResults())
System.out.println ("retrieving a resultset.....");
ResultSet rs = cs.getResultSet();
ResultSetMetaData rsmd = rs.getMetaData();

int totalcols = rsmd.getColumnCount();
int firsttime = 1;
if(firsttime == 1)
for(int i =1;i<=totalcols;i++)
System.out.print(" "+rsmd.getColumnName(i));
firsttime = 0;

for(int i = 1; i<=totalcols;i++)
System.out.print(" "+rs.getString(i));


int iRetval = cs.getInt (1);
System.out.println ("Return Value = " + iRetval);

// retrieve the OUT params
int iOutparam = cs.getInt(4);
System.out.println ("OUT param = " + iOutparam);
The code execute fine upto printing the return value, but then an SQL Exception is thrown.
Is there some way that i can retrieve the parameters & return value & resultset?
What exactly is the difference between JRE & JVM? Dosen't JRE include JVM?
23 years ago