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Recent posts by prachi jahagirdar

I am trying to create directory using mkdirs command. I am working on Linux.

File fTest = new File("/software/test/1");

It always returns false
I tried creating directory from the prompt.... It gets created, but don't know whats the problem with above code.
16 years ago
Yes this happen on the very first time when I try to get a connection.
16 years ago
Hi there,
I am not able to get the connection using DataSource. I have submmited the question previosly.... didn't get any answer.
I am trying to connect to a DB2 8.1 database. Using Webspehere 5.0
I am getting error:
J2CA0020E: The Connection Pool Manager could not allocate a Managed Connection:
JDBC Provider I am using is DB2 JDBC Provider(Defalut). Is this creating a problem?
16 years ago
javax.naming.Context jndiCntx=new javax.naming.InitialContext();
javax.sql.DataSource ds
c = ds.getConnection(getUID(),getPassword().trim());
s = c.createStatement();
//}catch(javax.naming.NamingException e){e.printStackTrace();}
}catch(Exception e){Log.print(":Exception = "+e);
In the above code i am trying to get connected to the DB2. Working with Webspehere 5.0. I am new to Webspehere. Created a JDBC Provider for DB2. Created a datasource with jndi name 'jdbc/home'.
**The exception i am getting is:
Exception = Connection not available, Timed out waiting.
Is there anything else to be done to get the connection?
Thank you
16 years ago
i was trying to understand the deployment procedure. I have some confusion with .war and .ear files.
Suppose i am using Tomcat and created the directory as 'test'. structure is as follows:
/ \
jsp WEB-INF(it contais web.xml)
When i run any '.jsp' file the corrosponding servlet gets created in 'work' directory. If i want to create a 'app1.war' for my application which directory should i use(work or test)? and suppose some EJB.jar are also to be added to create 'app.ear'(I know .ear is not used in Tomcat.... then consider i want to use it in websphere) file for the same application then what are the contents of that file along with 'app1.war' and 'EJB.jar'. What will be the Deployment Discriptor for this .ear file. Can you please give some example.
The next thing is when you give it to client and try to install it on his server. how does this installation takes place?
Thank you!
16 years ago
I have written program which processes with thousands of records using JDBC. When limited records are used it terminates properly. when the number of records are increased, the program doesn't terminate. To check the execution I am printing some messages at each stage. It is printing the last message, but not terminating.
I couldn't understand why this is happening. Can you help me with this...
Thank you for the answers.
What I have stated down is possible
when we give command as
javac -classpath \MyProject\src\comm \Myproject\src\b\
then does the '-classpath' calls the setclasspath and sets the path to the specified directory. If yes then is previously set path gets reset?
16 years ago
I am trying to compile some java files which uses the object of some other class. For example, i have two directories 'comm' and 'b'. i am trying to compile the java files in directory 'b' which uses the files in 'comm' directory.
I " don't " want to import the package of 'comm', but i want the java files in 'b' should get compiled without error. the files in 'b' do not conatain error. but every time i compile it. it gives me some object is missing(which is in 'comm'). how do i do it?
please help me with this
16 years ago
i am trying to create a jar file using 'jar' command. my directory structure is-
if i create a jar for it and extract that jar. it is creating the same path(c:\root\test1\applet) again. but i just want the 'applet' folder to be jared and extract the same in some other directory.
my working directory is 'root'.
please tell me how do i do it. does it require to modify META-INF/MANIFEST.MF. If yes, how it is done?
16 years ago
i am trying to copy a file from one directory to other.
if i don't want to use Runtime.exec(), how do i do it?
16 years ago
I was trying to run the DOS command 'del' using Runtime.exec().
Other commands work properly.
I have the files in respective folders which are to be deleted.
My code look like this
String command="del c:\test\*.txt ";
Runtime rt = Runtime.getRuntime();
Process proc = rt.exec(command);
Output is CreateProcess: del c:\abc\test\*.txt error=0
at java.lang.Win32Process.create(Native Method)
at java.lang.Win32Process.<init>(
at java.lang.Runtime.execInternal(Native Method)
at java.lang.Runtime.exec(
at java.lang.Runtime.exec(
at java.lang.Runtime.exec(
at java.lang.Runtime.exec(
at CreatePatch.runcommand(
at CreatePatch.getVector(
at CreatePatch.main(
16 years ago