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I have been quite following on this book release dates in the market. I always aspire to do architecture certification but not taking the plunge may be because I am saying to myself "you are not there yet". This is I guess because of lack of good books which cover most of the syllabus. I understand the JavaEE6 Enterprise Architect certification is not like Java certification, where one book would cover everything. I wonder if this book is going to do the same! I would like to know if this book really covers everything needed for the JavaEE6 Enterprise Architect certification (exams & assignments). I don't expect this book to be an "All-In-One" but at least if it can point to resources wherever appropriate(e.g. Java Design Patterns) that should be okay for me. Can authors please let me know what is the best aspect of this book and how far it would cover in the journey of certification preparation?

Thank you Frits and Koilraj
9 years ago
Hi All,

Well, I'm really relieved now. I cleared OCEEJB6 with 93%. I set my target to achieve 95%+ but I'm happy with the score I got

Thanks to my wife for her support during my exam. I also thank Frits in clarifying my doubts on this forum site . I have not read any book extensively for my preparation. But, I did read some certification topics from EJB3 in Action (first edition covers only EJB3.0) as I own this book for a long time. I also read EJB3.1 specs document couple of times and Enterprise Java Beans 3.pdf (EJB3.1 spec summary) by Frits. Enthuware mock exam software is amazing but I could not use this any earlier to get more support from their forums.

I will now relax and watch some films and go out.

(OCEEJBD6, SCWCD5, SCDJWS, SCJP1.4 and Oracle SQL 1Z0-051)
9 years ago
Yes, you are right. That doesn't work.

You are right. But, I was asking in a case where no attribute is provided for @Resource, then also a new entry is created?
Thanks Frits. I will try it out.

The reason I was thinking the other way was if I override or define EJB in both the ejb-jar.xmls (assume no annotations used), would it still work? Are rules similar to annotations with ejb-jar.xml within a <ejb jar>.jar(in this case may be WEB-INF/ejb-jar.xml overrides the internal ejb-jar.xml)? I'll try this out.
It just occurred to my mind if we have a web app structure like below, is that valid? I guess not, if not please explain how.

Appreciate if somebody can help me out.

On page 10-93 (Enterprise Java Beans 3.pdf by Frits), we have application.xml like this -

1. I believe the <java> module above is optional as we already defined in the app1EJB.jar/MANIFEST.MF Class-Path entry for app1EJBClient.jar file.

2. If we had to provide the above module in the application.xml, then app1EJB.jar/MANIFEST.MF Class-Path entry for app1EJBClient.jar file becomes optional. This is because of EAR classloader is shared across all the modules.

Please correct my understanding.

I'm going through this Enterprise Java Beans 3.pdf (by Frits). I have found few things which might need changing. Not sure, if these are already notified.

Page 6-61

Other Callback methods (@prePassivate, @PostActivate,...), there is no need to mention "(not Singleton)" as these methods are not applicable to Singleton beans.

Page 7-63

The title should have been "7 Injection and Environment Naming Context(ENC)"

Page 7-74
There is a note at the bottom saying-
Note: an entry is only created when both “name” and “lookup” are specified in the @Resource annotation.

I think an entry is also created when there is neither "name" nor "lookup".
java:comp/env/<package-name>.<bean name>/<field name> (for @Resource with no attributes)

@Frits, I guess you would have meant that Timeout callback MDB

I got this excerpt from EJB3.1 spec-

5.4.12Transaction Context of Message-Driven Bean Methods
A bean’s message listener and timeout callback methods are invoked in the scope of a transaction determined by the transaction attribute specified in the bean’s metadata annotations or deployment descriptor. If the bean is specified as using container-managed transaction demarcation, either the REQUIREDor the NOT_SUPPORTED transaction attribute must be used for the message listener methods, and either the REQUIRED, REQUIRES_NEW, or the NOT_SUPPORTED transaction attribute for timeout callback methods. See Chapter 13, “Support for Transactions”
Thanks Frits, at least I did not ask something silly.
Thanks Frits. A second read-through makes sense.


I have been always under the impression, transaction attributes are applicable only to Container Managed Transactions. But, I see this in Enterprise Java Beans 3.pdf(by Frits, page 5-53), in the table


Does this mean when a @Timeout method is under BMT and the corresponding @AroundTimeout method in CMT?