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try to put your action mapping this way:

<action path="/crudXxxxxVal" name="xxxxxForm"
<forward name="formulario"
path="tiles.path" />
15 years ago
Congratulations, don't worry about your score, more important than this, now you are java/jee architect. Great Job.
15 years ago
SOA is an architectural style, is not just a technology, but it�s use technological components for suppport it.

Would be interesting think SOA as great network in organization joining process and peoples, capturing essentially the business neededs, studying, mapping and converting this process to newer process with a better performance and transforming to solutions providing access as services using webservices, corba, ejb, etc.
15 years ago
Congrats, good score

What's your next step?
Congrats and good luck in the next steps
if you provide your exam voucher number, could someone use it to register in prometic site, or not?
15 years ago
you could keep states between pages using hidden fields, compounding objects between requests and responses.
15 years ago
SCEA Certification clarify you about Java Enterprise Edition technologies, but architecture concepts go beyond SUN, Microsoft, IBM and other players in the market. I think, a certification can help you be hired, but it don't give warranties how long you will be there.

Don't matter how long you have an IT area, but your experience to solve conflicts, capturing client's neededs and transforming to technical requirements, keeping a common vocabulary among participants, and give they a product what they waiting, attending your whishes and expects.
city and state are not required due minOccurs are equals to 0, thus only name, street, zip are required.

When these elements are displayed inside <all> tag, this order don't matter. Thus zip, street, name are correct.
I received yesterday at 5:00 pm

Originally posted by Morten Franorge:
Am I the only one who haven't received this yet?

Me too.
I got 132/160 82,5%, i hope receive a score sheet to view where i lost points.
I will study for 2 IBM SOA Certifications.
Congratulations, good score
15 years ago

Please post your experience relative to questions and which materials you used for exams.