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Recent posts by shan sundaram

Hi Ranchers,

I have two offer and my experience around 5 years ( 1.5 year in healthcare domain with java/j2ee and remaining in telecom domain with NMS,Java,XML)
One offer is on Insurance domain(Service based MNC company) using J2EE another one is same telecom domain with NMS, JAVA, Swing.(Mid level Service company provides offshore product development for product company).

Salary - second one is higher than the first one.

I am in bit confusion( ) to choose right job to my career.
Could you please some one help me to choose the company better for my career. Will it be good to work in same domain or changing the domain is better? Is it good to choose product based one or project based one with my 5 year experience?

14 years ago
A class that is missing definitions for one or more methods. You can't thus create an object of that class. You must first create a subclass and provide definitions for the abstract methods. Unlike interfaces, abstract classes may implement some of the methods. Though you can't instantiate an abstract class, you can invoke its static methods.
17 years ago
Hi step the modify:
1. Create destination file.
2. Read the file content line by line from src file.
3. Check the line starting with "<Order id=" is first time, then write <Start> to dest file.
4. Read the ramaining content from src file and write into dest file.
5. End of the dest file write </Start> .
6. Close the file.
17 years ago
Hi You can try to have the following constructor method.

FileWriter fw = new FileWriter(file,true);

The boolean value true will append end of the file.
17 years ago
Hi in eclipse tool use help->help contents menu. This will cover entire stuff involved in eclipse.
for more details:
17 years ago
Otherwise you can also null check using "instanceOf" keyword
if(!(puck instanceOf String)) {

It will check both null and object reference..
17 years ago
U can try to use the follwing syntax

#include <stdlib.h>
status = system( command )
const char *command;
is a string containing a command that should be submitted to the operating system. This should not have a '\n' on the end.
int status;
is the status returned by the operating system when the command finishes execution.
17 years ago
== operator is the equality operator

equals() is for content comparison

== operator checks if both object references refer to the same memory location eg: if (a==b) it means it verifies whether both a and b refer to the same location in memory.

equals() if for content comparison.

eg:String a ="chandra"; String b="chandra"; String c ="radha";

if ( a.equals(b)) returns true bcoz both contains the same content.

if (a.equals(c)) returns false bcoz a and c contents are different.

I hope this would have solved your doubt.
18 years ago
System.gc() is static method and invoking the gc by using Runtime.getRuntime().gc();
So, No preference.
18 years ago
The order may be
NullPointerException, NumberFormatException,SQLException,....,Exception.
18 years ago
What is the use of equals() & hashCode() method? where/how to use it?

Thanks in advance,
18 years ago
U can change the dialog caption by "select".
18 years ago
Look at java.awt.image, javax.imageio package, and use sun site and search for image processing in java u will get lot of help....
18 years ago
Actually, Where the problem(XML or java program)?
If the problem in handling this string in java use,
String str = "\"(\" ,\")\"";
18 years ago