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Welcome to the Ranch!

I think your book every developer should have on his or her desk. I used to work at a company where there no architect role was available. So all architecture and design were driven by developers. Generally company could deliver some software and even it was worked however they had tremendous code duplication and every feature implementation looked as completely separate product. So they needed to put tons efforts of integration parts of own product. Obviously the company soon ended life . So if people want really create a good product which will survive for decades, they need to read your book.
10 years ago
I put my thoughts with code examples http://www.infoq.com/articles/java7-nio2

Quick recap:
1. new file io giving control over modern file systems especially POSIX alike.
2. Auto resources freeing
3. Forks for easier parallel programming
4. Switch with "String" cases (absolutely love it)
5. <> for reducing typing efforts

6. Just forgot variable arguments improvements giving me possibility to create generic arrays.

I am spoiled by Java 7 and can't wait using Java 8 with default methods, enclousers and other bells and whistles. What about you?
10 years ago
I noted using CDATA quite widely in some Ajax library. I even put a note for myself to start using it as well.
It should work across of browsers.
I tried .onreadystatechange in IE, however it seems not reliable. Other recommendation are based on setting time out thread which monitors some value which supposed to be set by a script from a loaded page. Unfortunately, my users have attachments with size from 1MB to 8GB, so upload time is varying from 3 seconds to 1 hour and putting 30 minutes time out isn't a solution. Any other ideas? Pinging server using xmlhppt?
I do not consider Flex as a good platfrom for creation client application, so JavaFX is certainly better approach. Many big companies as Microsoft and Google are working on JavaFX, so it is time to start using it.
I am looking ofr very lightweight implementation of rich text editor which is compatible with mobile browsers as mobile IE. Only basic operations needed as:
font style
font size
ordered and unordered list
left,right and center alignment

table support is great, but optional
Thanks for responses. Yes, CLOB is what I am currently mostly use. My concern was that CLOB can perform not quite well.

Another concern, how effectively Oracle build index against CLOB column?
[ October 10, 2008: Message edited by: D Rog ]
for academic research. Particulary interested in selection right OMR for different usage areas, like sciense, business, medical and so on.
I noticed that the topic was closed, however I hope you fogive me for resurecting it. I got a report from jBoss team that they use TJWS for unit testing. If you PM me, I can give you a contact for jBoss team lead who uses it. You can see TJWS in my signature.
15 years ago
I met a strange problem, although a field is defined as varchar2(4000), it can fit different number of character, because Unicode, UTF-8 or whatever. I guess Oracle field size is defined in bytes, not characters. So is any way to figure out upfront if certain string will fit varchar2 field without actual executing INSERT or UPDATE? Another problem is, if I know that a string can't fit and going to truncate it, then the process seems should be iterative. So an ideal solution for me can be just call some function which with minimum spending of computer resources can tell me how to truncate a string to fit a particular varchar2 field.Or perhaps you can suggest something clever?
Thanks all for answering.
15 years ago

How can I name anonymous class in cast? I do a trick, like comment out

and then do compilation. Now I can find my anonymous class name and put it in cast. It works flawlessly. However I have feeling I do something wrong. hey help to a java beginner.
15 years ago
Data objects, what do you use, annotated class members or hash map? I think a hash map is more flexible especially can automatically adapt to data mode changes. Any opinions?
Thanks. I generate reports in PDF. Current approach is based on processing report XML template by some template engine, like Velocity and then process by XSLT. Does it make senese to choose some other library?