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Recent posts by Michael Lam

Hi Nicholas, Serge:

Thank you very much for your help. The sample test will help me in the preparation of the exam.

Best regards,
Hi Nicholas:

Thank you for letting us know the complexity of posting the 486 sample test due to diagrams attached to the question. Do you have the 486 sample test? If you do, can you send a copy to me at ? I will think of a way to post it to Javaranch site. Thank you very much.
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Hi Nicholas:

As you know, IBM requires us to pay for the sample test. Also it's not very practical to do the test at the beginning of exam preparation time. I wonder if you or somebody (who has the sample test) can post the exam sample test for the new candidates who are preparing for the exam 486. Somebody has posted sample exam 287, 285 and I found it vey helpful for the preparation of the exam. Thanks.
[ May 17, 2004: Message edited by: Michael Lam ]
I just passed IBM 285 with 86%.
I'd like to thank Nicolas Cheung, Axel Janssen, Daniel Washington for their help on info, mock exam as well as advice on the exam.
Hi Lalu :
The answers are: B, C
B. Completing tag names, taking into account HTML grammar constraints.
C. Ensuring that all HTML start tags have a corresponding end tag.
B. Although content assist only shows attribute names that have not already been specified in a start tag, it does not take into account grammar constraints for tags.
C is tricky, pay attention to "ALL HTML start tags" because HTML is flexible, in that some HTML elements allow end tags to be optionally omitted
I hope this could help.
Hi Rick:
Answers : A and B
A) Workbench level menu items
B) Workbench level toolbar buttons
what is Action Sets?
Action Sets is an extension point which is used to add menus, menu items and toolbar buttons to the common areas in the workbench window. These contributions are collectively known as an action set and appear within the workbench window by user preference.
I hope this can help.
[ March 11, 2004: Message edited by: Michael Lam ]
Please look at:
for a complete set of sample test 286.
Good luck.
Hi Axel:
Thank you very much for your help. I'll work on all those mock exams.
Hi AneelNaga:
I has posted a same request "ICE 286 and 340".
Nicholas Cheung provides a reply as follows:
Hi Michael,
ICE is still available in fact, but it becomes non-free practice exam.
You can still play around with it by:
However, you need to pay US $10 for each time.
I hope it can help.
Good luck in your exam.
Hi Nicholas:
Thank you for the information. Is there any time limite on the IBM Samples test? Can we make a copy of the sample test during the play around? I'm not yet ready to take a time limite test, I just want to know what the test looks like.
I am preparing exam 286 and 340. I found Marco Ves's ICE 287 posting very useful for the exam 287 (which I'll take after exam 286). As ICE is no longer existed, I wonder if somebody can post ICE mock exam 286 and 340 so that we can practice them. Thanks.