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Recent posts by J Monk

well, dang - it seems like either no one knows or no one cares to speak up. well, after a lotta chasing around from documents i can't understand to documents i don't want to understand, i finally found that it's just a wap push (which i'll have to do some reading up on now...)

answer below, thanks to bango.net

WAP Push messages are specially formatted SMS messages that display an alert message to the user, and gives the user the option of connecting directly to a particular URL via the mobile phone�s WAP browser.

The Bango service sends a WAP push message in response to a TXT Trigger request from a user. The format of the URL to access the content is the telephone number followed by bango.net e.g. http://447711223344.bango.net

Please be advised that there are variations on the name of a WAP push depending on the make of phone that you are using.

Here are the most common ones:

Nokia - "Service Message"

Sharp - "WAP Alert"

Samsung - "Push Message"

Motorola - "Browser Message"

Sony Ericsson - "[name of site/page]WAP"

Sagem - "WAP Push"

Panasonic - "WAP Message"
19 years ago
i don't think they should conflict. you'll need to get ant, tho', if you don't have it already. i've been using code warrior and just recently bumped into polish, as well. it's pretty good stuff.
19 years ago
Does anyone know how to send a "browser message" that Motorola phones are able to receive? I'd like to be able to send a message that goes to a page on my server, which is how they seem to deliver games. I downloaded the Messaging Suite but it only allowed text, pictures and audio - no URL link.

Any ideas?

19 years ago
I'm trying to get the link to work with a Motorola V600 on the Cingular network.

I've tried just including a link (with the format http://www.something.com) and it isn't recognized.

It seems like Motorola has a special sort of message: the browser message. When one of these is received, the option to "Go To" is given for one of the soft buttons and selecting it will bring the phone to the stuff I need to download.

I don't know how to send a "browser message" though - does anyone have any ideas?
19 years ago
If you download the Games SMS application, there is a pulldown menu that lists all the countries it supports. It looks like all the countries in the world. Except the United States, which is where I need it for

Know of any way of doing this in the States, anyone?
19 years ago
I saw an application that will deliver games to phones presumably through some SMS mechanism. It is called GamesSMS but, in its pulldown menu, it shows every country except for the US. Dang!

Anyone know of any other such applications I might try?

Or, a solution regarding clicking on a link in an SMS for all phones?

19 years ago
Hi, all. I am receiving an error from a command of the following form:
setRecord(1, data, 0, data.length)
where data is a byte array (defined by a toByteArray() from a ByteArrayOutputStream).
The error states:
javax:microedition.rms.RecordStoreException: Error setting record data: java.io.IOException: write exceeds maximum file size.
The thing I find weird is that, when I display the getSize() and getSizeAvailable() on the RecordStore, I get really big numbers, like:
size is 62200
size available is 546972
while my data is small,
data.length = 9536
So I am confused by the "exceeds maximum file size" notice. The data is definitely small enough to fit in what memory I have available. And...Is there a file involved or is something not quite right with the message, which also appears to have the form of two error messages merged as one.
Does anyone have any ideas as to what I am encountering here? Would anyone know of anyway I can track down such a problem? I'm a bit lost as to how to debug this since it seems like there isn't much I can play around with given the somewhat limited amount of things I can do (and mess up) with RecordStores. Could it be a memory leak/overwrite? (I'm not sure that that is too likely, particularly in Java, but I'm at a bit of a loss as to where to find problems to try to get my hands on.)
Thanks for any help, advice or thoughts!
20 years ago