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Recent posts by Anu Ram

To add some more info: What I am looking for is something similar to what a site like has.
A candidate is required to enter various kinds of info. But he doesn't need to enter them all the same time. He can fill in pages 1,2,3, save his profile, log off and exit. And then log in at a later date, get his half-done application, make modifications to existing data, fill in new data and continue.
Hope this info helps clarify my requirement.
16 years ago
Hi Matthew, Thanx for the reply.
What I mean by pause and resume is that he can just stop entering data, log off, log in a week later, retrieve his data and continue with it.
This data cannot go to the main database, because none of the business rules validations would have been performed on it.
And the form beans are already in session context only.
16 years ago
This is a struts project where a user logs in, and inputs data on a set of pages. For various reasons, incomplete data cannot go to the main database.
To handle the functionality of the user pausing and resuming per his convenience, these are the solutions under consideration:
1. The data can be put into a temporary table, and later pulled out to repopulate the form beans. The problem is that the number of fields is very high, and there would be a lot of xml mappings required to convert the data back and forth.
2. Or we can serialize entire form beans - except that this would be in binary format, and if need be, there wont be any easy way of just looking at/understanding the data.
So, what I need is this:
# Is there any other better way of doing this (like maybe a specific pattern that I need to learn about)
# Are there any other pros-cons of soln 1 & 2 that I am missing.
Looking forward to hearing your opinions on this. Thanks.
[ February 20, 2004: Message edited by: Anu Ram ]
16 years ago
Yeah. It should be 'letters', not 'alphabets'.
ok, here is a question:
A jeweller has ten heaps of ten gold coins each. They are all of the same dimensions, and each coin is supposed to weigh 10 gms. But the goldsmith who sold it to the jeweller used impure gold to make the coins in one heap, and so each coin in this one heap weighs 11 gms. The jeweller can make use of his weighing scale just once. How does he find out which heap is bad?
16 years ago
The mathematician should say 6. The algorithm is to count the number of alphabets in the barman's number. Is that right?
[ February 16, 2004: Message edited by: Anu Ram ]
16 years ago

This is some additional info that I wanted to add to the question

I tried DEBUG=TRUE, but that didnt really help.

If I move the log4j.xml higher up to properties under Appserver, it works, so I am assuming it is not really a problem with locating the jar files.

Is there anything that I need to specify on the WAS administrative console for it locate the properties file.

16 years ago
I am using log4j on my app. When I use it in my WSAD environment, log4j works fine, and logs are generated. But when I deploy the ear file onto Websphere server, I get an error message: "..log4j is not initialized properly, and that no appenders are found.."
Additional Info:
1. log4j.xml is stored in WEB-INF/Classes under my project ear folder.
2. log4j jar file sits in the lib folder.
3. If i move log4j.xml into WAS_ROOT/AppServer/properties, it works fine. But i am not sure if this is the right thing to do, bcz i have multiple projects under AppServer, and they would have different versions of log4j properties, right?
Any help is greatly appreciated.
16 years ago