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Recent posts by Hann-Yu Chang

Any solution to this problem? I seem to be having the same problem and not quite sure what the root cause is.
18 years ago
I've been searching around online, have read through the JAMon User's Guide, have looked at the provided example, but can not get my administrative page to return results. (The JAMonAdmin.jsp page renders, but the results table is blank.)
According to the documentation, all that is required in the code is a MontitorFactory and calls to start and stop it:
import com.jamonapi.*;
Monitor mon=MonitorFactory.start("myFirstMonitor");
...Code Being Timed...
I have done this yet my admin page does not display any results. I'm I missing something? Is this a configuration issue, user error, something else? Is it necessary to call mon.getReport()? When and where?
18 years ago
I'm researching different products and am wondering if anyone can give me a good breakdown with pros and cons of performance analyzers. We're using in a J2EE environment using Websphere Application Server...the built in Tivoli tool is not robust enough for our needs. I've looked at Wily's Introscope and PerformaSure...they both seem to fit our needs, and am wondering if one is better than the other, and/or if there are other tools out there that I've over-looked. We'd prefere something that is not instrusive.
Also, has anyone used J-Sprint or JAMon?
18 years ago
I am having the same problem. It appears as though the properties file is not being updated as the properties are being modified. Is there anyway to reload/refresh the file?
Objective is to be able to write to the properties file and read from it right away.
18 years ago
Correction to my last post.
The latest versions of JavaNCSS ANT task now comes bundled with JavaNCSS itself.
The online documentation seems to suggest that in order to use the JavaNCSS ANT functionality you should download and install javancss2ant_v11.zip from http://sourceforge.net/projects/javancss2ant/. This is NOT the case. You should download JavaNCSS Version 21.41 from http://www.kclee.com/clemens/java/javancss/.
And be sure to use <taskdef name="javancss" classname="javancss.JavancssAntTask"/> in your build file.
18 years ago
Has anyone implemented a means of versioning in ANT? I would like to auto-increment build numbers and use the generated build number in file and jar names.
I'm attemping to use a combination of the <property> and <propertyfile> tags and have created a separate properties file to keep track of the version numbers. Although not quite right yet, it does auto-increment. The problem now is getting that build number to populate
So that this:
Results to:
Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!
18 years ago
Okay, figured it out. I didn't have the latest version of the help file and was infact referencing a class that no longer exists.
This is the correct classname (Add this to your build file and then any other parameters you want to report on):
<taskdef name="javancss" classname="net.jernigan.javancss2ant.JavaNCSS"/>

This is where you download the source from:
And this is the JavaNCSS Ant Task User Manual that's posted online:
[This is out of date, refer to the user manual that you downloaded from the link above]
18 years ago
has anyone tried using this?
in few examples i've seen implementing ncss in ant it calls "javancss.JavancssAntTask" like so:
<taskdef name="javancss"
i'm not sure if i'm doing something wrong or if this class really does not exist. but i get errors saying that "taskdef class javancss.JavancssAntTask cannot be found"...and i can not find JavancssTask in javancss.jar either.
any ideas or insight on this would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
18 years ago