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Recent posts by Henry Handayana

Thank you for all the replies.
Bert, this is the book that I was referring to:
Is that the book that you were referring also? I just cancelled my bookpool order so I can see the result of this conversation.
Just realized who I'm talking to, if the co-author of the book says I don't need the book, then I don't need the book
[ April 27, 2003: Message edited by: Henry Handayana ]
19 years ago

Originally posted by Mark Spritzler:
Why are you getting Kathy's older book, when she and Bert have a newer version out that is the best?

The reason I'm getting this book and Mehran Habibi's book is because I'm going to take the Developer's exam. From what I see about her new book, Head First Java, it isn't to prepare for the exam.
Thanks for the inputs.
19 years ago
Not sure where else to post so I figured I'd post here since it's the safest place to post such question
Anyone here have experience with bookpool's free shipping?
How long does it take to get to you after you placed an order for in-stock book(s)?
One book I'm planning to purchase is out of print(Kathy Sierra's SJCD book) so it'll take even longer, if the wait time for that free shipping is too long I'll just buy somewhere else(maybe b&n or amazon or maybe someone can tell me of another cheap reliable online bookstore?).
Thanks in advance for your inputs.
[ April 25, 2003: Message edited by: Henry Handayana ]
19 years ago
How would you rate it's stability in a Windows platform(98, NT, or 2000)?
I, for one, wouldn't want to risk writing a document and have the word processor crash all of a sudden.
I'm not in any means a fan of Billy's products, but Word and Excel has been kind by not crashing on me.
21 years ago
In my previous job about 2 years ago, my team made a couple of apps for elementary kids in Texas. It's supposed to be commercial, but never seen it in the shelves, probably in Texas.
Pretty nice app with custom components, JFC, JNI(for printing, JDK 1.1 has dismal printing support).
Runs well both in PC and Mac, had to do lots of tweaking though.
Oh well, it was fun while it lasted
There's also a monitor program for VPN written in Java, I don't remember the vendor.
21 years ago
What do you see in the future of XP?
Is any of you working on something similar to XP that could be applied to a bigger groups of developer?