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Recent posts by Sunar Susanto

Can anyone give me a suggestion where to start to prepare for it?
It looks like a very long list of study materials.
I passed the Exam, how do I check the score? It just say "Grade: Passed"
Thanks for everyone who has contributed their time to make the study guide, mock exams, and overall thanks to JavaRanch, all participants in the discussion forum of SCMAD, Sun Microsystems for offering the Beta exam.
Good Days.
Why would the passing score be determined based on the statistic of beta exam results? I am disappointed with the low passing score for the SCJP 1.4 .
Isn't it the long title should be:
Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer for the J2ME Platform 1.4 ?
or maybe:
Sun Certified Developer for the J2ME Platform 1.4
Hi All,
I am about to take the exam in 1 hour today (Tuesday, Feb 24, 2005). I couldn't cancel, rather than waiting for the email confirmation to change schedule and ask for another voucher, I'll just go for it. I hope that Sun would be kind enough to us to get a second chance to do it for FREE after the Beta has ended and take the finalized exam as I mentioned before.
Wish the Best for All.
I do strongly expect that those who wouldn't make it to pass on the Beta Exam would be given a second chance once the Beta period is ended and would be given another FREE Full Voucher to take the finalized exam.
Anyway 4 hours and 15 minutes (could be more considering the trips to the test centers) are so precious, one should deserve another chance.
Thanks for all the good discussions here.
Thanks for sharing. Do we need to know all the error codes 9XX ?
I am a little bit confuse about Client Mode and Server Mode.
Client Mode can only send messages and Server Mode can send and receive messages.
How do Clients receive data from the Server?
Does it means that only Server - Server communication can be Bi-direction?
Can a MIDlet act as Client and Server?
Thanks a lot.