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Recent posts by Gjorgi Var

I was on a brink to open a new topic with almost the same question...
1. Any good tutorial you've seen lately on java bluetooth connection with cellphone?
2. Would like to take that communication further and use the mobile's phone line for IVR and music-on-hold. Anybody done that in Java? Any helpful tutorial on such a topic?
14 years ago
I really wonder if there is a way to overload a function in JavaScript? I tried to do it straightforward with three same-name functions that accept different number of parameters but only the last one (with the biggest number of parameters) was actually called... Did I do something wrong, is there a "workaround" for overloading functions in JS or should I just forget about it with JS...
Whenever I try to use the length property of NodeList in an alert box (or any other way), I get nothing in return... is there a way to treat DOM elements as members of an array and loop through them in JavaScript?
I was just wondering if such an IDE exists, that would greatly reduce amount of typing JavaScript code?
With Ajax being such a big word currently, and JavaScript being a significant part of Ajax, I wonder if it is possible to hookup on a database via JavaScript without taking a piggyback ride on a server-side technology (PHP, ASP.NET, Java) and perform actions just like I hooked up with PHP/ASP.NET/any of the Java technologies?
Bit representation of 32-bit integer 1 would be:
0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0001
as it is positive number...
but -1 is represented as all 1's?
1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111

How come it's all 1's? Shouldn't 1 be just the first bit?
16 years ago
If we have two refference variables that are assigned to each other, both will reffer to the same object on the heap. But if we assign one of them to null after we have assigned it to the other variable, wll that object be subjected to garbage collection? Why would it be or would be not?
16 years ago
K&B book, one of the review questions for chapter 1:

and given the arguments 1 2 3 4, the answer is that ArrayIndexOutOfBounds will be raised... am not veru sure why would that be the right answer.
We turned the members of the args[] array into individual strings and we are asking for the third argument to be printed. Since we have four arguments, we don't break the array's boundaries. So why would that exception be raised?
Congradulations Vasim!
Did you take the assesment test from IBM's site before you started preparing for the actual exam? If you did, what was your score?
How about posting a link of this topic to the Java Beginners forum, so that beginners see what actually awaits them... I bet a lot of enthusiasm among beginners will vanish like a fog under the sun...
17 years ago
I think these lines best describe what set of questions would the new certification address:
weighting aligns industry expectations with the developer skills to be
And what is that that industry expects regarding developers skills? Maybe someone at Sun got tired of testing prospective coders on obscure aspects of the synthax and is ready to address the testing for the skills that the industry actually needs...
Sincerely, the only reason that I will take the SCJP test is to stuff my resume. If I was a programmer that has projects in line awaiting to be worked on, I would be neck deep into doing the job and wouldn't even think of waisting my time shifting my focus to preparing to answer a swath of trick questions and decypher lines of code that no one in his/her right mind would ever write... but in my case, the projects are yet to come and the willingness is here...

Originally posted by apoorba mohapatra:
Can it be like this:
When you think "is-a", you should use an abstract class. When you think "can-act-like-a", use an interface.

More like an "IS-A" (inheritance) vs. "HAS-A" (interfaces, meaning capabilities) test.
Concrete class can inherit only one class, but implement many interfaces. Moreover, interfaces can inherit multiple other interfaces (but implement none, which makes sence-interface = zero implementation).
Think abstract if you wan to put all the functionalities of the follow-up concrete classes in one place... abstracts should contain the genotype of the followup classes.
Think interfaces when you want to implement functionalities selectively and you put each functionality in a separate interface. That way, you can choose which functionality to be implemented, and you can implement more than one.
Interfaces can also be implemented by abstract classes...

Originally posted by Mathangi Shankar:

We are just assigning a value in the array of type int!!!

class ArrayTest {

static int [ ] intArray = new int [5] ;
static int[ ] intArray1 = new int [1] ;

// intArray1[0] = 5;
static char [ ] charArray = new char [5] ;

public static void main (String [ ] args) {
System.out.println (charArray [1] ) ;
intArray1 = intArray ;

Show me where are you assigning a value of type int or of any type in any array that you've declared and constructed but not initialized.
Also, you can initialize arrays wherever you may please, it doesn't have to be in the main(). The fact that they're static only means that they can be used without instantiating the class.
As they are now, your arrays are full of default null values (for int is 0, for char is '\u0000'. If they weren't static, and were declared and constructed in main() as local, you would have real problems compiling...

Originally posted by Mike Gershman:
Gjorgi, what country are you asking about?

Both sides of the Berlin Wall... US+Can/EU vs. Eastern Europe, what language would get an entry-level job for a programmer that doesn't meet these "x number of years of expirience" requirements...
[ April 14, 2005: Message edited by: Gjorgi Var ]
17 years ago

Originally posted by Jeroen Wenting:
there is no best language...

Most people I encountered in junior jobs were doing Cobol. But of course that was because I was one of them and we were all doing Cobol training together

And this was "back in the days" or some recent memories... by "best language" I ment a language that gets you an entry-level job/project...
17 years ago