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Recent posts by Geoffrey Chu

- Enhancements to the software infrastructure
- Quality of the code by other developers (standards, philosophy, methods)
- Performance and tuning
- Keep the infrastructure insync with the database, OS, browser changes
- Vision and strategy planning
- Training, technical documentation and demos
- Development of new Software products/projects
- Google, CNN,,,

You will be busy my friend....
16 years ago
The combination Company(sponsor) + employee is what matters. If either one changes, a new H1B application has to filed.
17 years ago
Sorry David, hard to read what you posted, maybe you should get a new keyboard . If you are saying that your friend got the H1B and you are asking if somebody else can go in his place, then the answer is no.

The H1B is issued to a specific person, not to a position. The sponsoring company has to file a new petition for you/friends.
17 years ago
Hi there,

I am thinking about getting some EJB/Hibernate training. I found "JBoss and EJB3 for Java Developers" and "JBoss - Hibernate Essentials", however if I go I can only pick one since I will be paying most of the expenses.

Have any of you guys attend any this classes ? Is it worth it ? Which one will you recommend ? They are quite pricey.

Thanks in advance,

17 years ago

Originally posted by rajat mani:

while you people are absolutely free to do whatever needed to stop the h1b programme.
but as far as i m concerne i m preparing my sword to take off the jobs of those people who are not followoing the policy of "be nice".

Good luck dude . If you are in trouble, don't hesitate to stop by, we sell lightsabers and ninja pocket knives.
[ July 27, 2006: Message edited by: Geoffrey Chu ]
17 years ago
$1,800 in Boston ?

Are they offering you a place to stay ? food ? transportation ? utilities? Otherwise, You will not save a penny, you might even need to borrow money. Cost of living in Boston is among the highest in US. According to the average salary for a System Administrator is $73,500 or $6,126 per month.

A friend of mine used to live in Boston, one bedroom apartment in a very so-so neighbourhood was around $1,100.
17 years ago
Do you have family ? kids ? How old are you ? Years of experience ?
17 years ago

Originally posted by snehasish panda:

Here are some free online books:

I am pretty sure that most members of this Community spend long hours every night and weekends to study and practice. They come to this forum to solve specific questions and/or help others.

If you want to succeed in this field, you have to dedicate a lot of hours and be a self-learner, my friend. If you want to get a job, work HARDER.


17 years ago
If you lose your job, you will have a hard time finding a new one. The "Consulting firm" will not care much about you. The H1B is good only for 3 years and if they do not have a client for you, they might not renew it.

If you are hoping to get a Green Card -you will need to be sponsored-. It will take you a lifetime. You will be working for the same employer for the next 7 or 8 years. Forget about asking for salary raises.
17 years ago
Yes, indeed.

The characteristics are:
1. Performance
2. Scalability
3. Reliability
4. Availability
5. Maintainability
6. Manageability
7. Security
Since I have a MBA -which includes a little bit of everything-, I did the SCEA. I am planning to do the PMP later.

My advice, go technical first and then functional. SCEA and then PMP.
17 years ago
Go for UML Distilled. It is concise.

I used UML Distilled for my SCEA. After passing it, I bought and read Head First Design Patterns just for fun and because it is a good book.


Originally posted by Karthik Rajashekaran:
Geoffrey Chu

Hi can you explain me as you mention in your statement.

I got offer from infosys for 3.5.
But i am unhappy with this offer ,because I was expecting 4.3 atleast and second not much onsite chances.

Any one have idea about IVS department in Infosys???
Please reply.The position in infosys is Testing profeesional one i applied

Now I am confused what should i do.

What I have seen so far -based on your posts- is that you will never be happy. Now you want 4.3, tomorrow it will be 5.3 and so on.

My advice is that you should look at the career path, ask your employer what you expect and what they can offer, negotiate with them. If you do not find an intersection, then find a job that match your expectations and leave.

Don't rush to make more money. Improve your skills, get more certifications, improve your foundation, become a better asset to your company or open your own company. Be patient and disciplined, and money will come. I think you are t0o worried to make fast-money.
[ February 19, 2006: Message edited by: Geoffrey Chu ]
18 years ago

Originally posted by rathi ji:

Get one good offer, show to your manager and ask for onsite and tell if you will not give me onsite then I may leave the company...

Be careful. You might end up losing your job. Consider this option as your last recourse.
[ February 18, 2006: Message edited by: Geoffrey Chu ]
18 years ago