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sandeep kulkarni

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since Feb 25, 2004
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Recent posts by sandeep kulkarni

perfect Julian....
the problem is now solved.
thanks for ur comments
I'm facing very strange problem.
when I use the method getPrimaryKeys() for getting the list of primary keys of table.It is returing each value twice.(if there is only one key,it is returing the same key twice).
can anybody tell what might be the reason?
I have tried every link posted here but everywhere I find the status of the exam only & that too is FAILED.
can anybody tell me from where else I fcan find my score???
I heard that passing score for the exam was 68%...Is that so??
just wanna ask,whether passing percentage was little on the higher side??
sometimes it happens..
the process of posting the result may still goin
wait for sometime n u'll b there
hi Jay
may u get u'r status at
When the real exam has launched??? I have no idea bout that.Passing score for the real exam is 68%. will it b same for the beta as well?? what do u think?
I dont think so.We will have to wait for a week or so.Let's hope we all pass.
I think every post talks bout mid july.yes,mid july is appearing in 2 days..but I think in a week or so we will get our results...all ranchers..what say???
Thanks for the Information.Looking forward to the results
Well I dont find any topic that u completely skip n still get away with It.I found following topics very important
2.Endpoint design issues
well said Alexei,I am able to find out few answers from other questions and obviously that's gonna be happen(because we have 174 questions).I have studied web services from "Professional Java web services-wrox publications".about design patterns there is a book called "J2EE design patterns"
Name: Sandeep Kulkarni; Took date: 05/21/2004; Place: Pune, India
I gave the exam yesterday morning.
Here are few points I should tell u about the exam
1.Pretty exhaustive stuff(174 questions and more than 4 hrs )
2.Drag and Drop questions are very confusing(though few are quite easy)
3.Read the WS Basic profile 1.0 as soon as u can
4.There are many questions on endpoint design and J2EE(EJB,configuration files etc)
5.JAX-RPC section was nightmare for me(dont even remember what was in it )
6.Security section was on the moderate level(requires understanding on Digital signature,certificate,X.509 and other XML security tech).Thanks to the Wrox book,I read it from there
7.Good questions of identifying the correct design patters based on given situations(really good questions)
8.Dont forget to study JAXP(SAX,DOM and XSLT).Even though they are very easy,few questions on these topics
9.SOAP,WSDL(WSDL-Java,Java-WSDL identification),UDDI was ok
10.Most importantly,no 2 succesive questions from the same section(atleast for my test ).

any more queries

all the best ranchers