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Doing an ecommerce-like application need suggestions for the following scenario: A product may have two type of promotions: one is percent off and the other is dollar-off. Some type of products can have only one kind of promotion while some can have both. And some promotions may be rebate--you get the money later. I need to calculate the total price of an order the customer need to pay now, as well as total savings(including rebate) for the order. To calculate promotins, the first two patterns come into my mind are strategy and decorator. Using Strategy Pattern, I can have a PercentOffStrategy, a DollarOffStrategy, and a PercentDollarOffStrategy. For Strategy pattern, I don't know if there is a good way to handle situations when new type of promotions are added(like free-shipping) and multiple can be applied together. Using decorator pattern, I can have a PercentOffDecorator, and a DollarOffDecorator, and new promotions can be added easily. The bad thing about decorator is that it needs to confirm to another interface. Do you guys know of a better way that can make it simple while make it easy for future extension? What is you guy's take on this? Thanks a lot!

Originally posted by bird cao:
Congraduation! Which study guide? I read BP but I feel difficult to understand, would you give me some idea about how to go through it.

Guess it is too late now. But here it is:
Just back from the test. I managed to went through the J2EE Web Service book and the blue print although I have been very busy for the past weeks. I feel I did better on this than on the SCMAD one. spent 2.5 hours to finish first round. did a review and made some comments for about 40 minuts.

got a lot of Qs on BP
Security is another area with a lot of Qs
End point related Qs
a few on J2EE only and a few on design patterns

a few ask you which class does what

My feeling is that if you go through the 2 books and read the security chapter from the study guide, you should be fine. not many code related Qs, so just make sure you understand the content of the book.

Glad I made it. Gonna have a rest after one hour's drive. Nice that tomorrow is weekend.
Since the J2EE Web service security model is based on the J2EE platform
security model, do we need to know the details of J2EE platform security model to clear the exam? Would it be enough if we just learn the part applying to Web Service? Thanks.
I wasn't able to cancel my old exam appointment. How will that affect my new appointment? And one weird thing is that I have two old appointments although I have only scheduled once.
Thanks. I just finished reading the WSDL part of the J2EE Web Services book. Now I can do a review using your notes.
So for those of us who answered the same set of questions, still we may be graded on different subsets of questions. This is the first time I participated in a beta-test. I didn't know that. Thanks, Jay.
I got 67% percent. It says I answered 46 of 68 questions correctly. But we answered a lot more than 68 questions, didn't we? My best part is networking and worst is lifecycle. A pass is a pass.
[ April 29, 2004: Message edited by: Tonggang Wang ]
I also have no problem registering. But none of the test centers around my place in TN will have it on Saturday. Has anyone registered on Saturday?
I installed java WSDP 1.3. And when I first start Tomcat after restarting my computer, I can't login to the Administration page. If I stop tomcat and start it again, I will have no problem. I tried 3 times and it keeps telling me invalid username or password until I restart tomcat. Has anyone encountered the same problem? Is it a WSDP's problem or Tomcat's problem, or do I need to config something? BTW, I am running on Windows and started Tomcat from the start menu. I specified the same username and password as the default ones during installation. Thanks.
Other than what mentioned above, everything works fine so far. I am just curious of what is the reason for that.
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Thanks, Sathya. You made my day. I was scared at the beginning. Later I find out that I passed after reading your post. I am so glad. I have only spent one week on it. But thanks to my prior experience working on mobile device using C++ for a little while, I am finally a Sun Certified MAD.
It is April 23rd already in the Eastern Timezone. Anyone got the result?