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thanks for the answer and sorry for my late reply., the problem with that is that the pages need to be offline editable by dummy users...and they need to see images in the html files. Ideally i give them a zip they can just open with therein the images and html. They might change the html,or the images.
Hi guys,

I have this simple problem with html that I can't seem to figure out.

I have a page with items, if you click on an item a popup shows.
This popup contains a html page with an image. The image is not shown. This is my problem.
Now I know why, but I don't know how to solve this.

The html page comes from another webapp. It is loaded with jquery into a div and shown as popup.
The problem is that the path to the image is relative.

So say the main page is and this page shows in a popup the page
at with therein the image with src="images/image.jpg " then the browser will look for this image at instead of the

anyone knows how to solve this ?

I know there is a BASE tag that you can use in the header, but I dont want that since that would make it impossible to run the app in developent, test and production environment differently since I have to
put the complete url in there... I would like to put the base to "myotherapp" in the popup html page.

hope this isn't to confusing ;)

anyone knows how to solve this ?

best regards,
Hello Michael,

you can use this little free tool to simulate network latency. You can then let your client simply connect to the tool and the tool to the server.
the tool will handle the latency as you configure it.

ZIP: TMnetSim Network Simulator version 2.4 for x64 (600KB)
I have found this to be very useful.
Hope it helps you too!
12 years ago
I like doing this with the command pattern.

I've done this a few times also, but with small programs that start with params, not games.

I usually do it as following, this is for a single command, started from the main. So really only the basics.
In your game the principle is the same but you'll have a loop (while not end of game) of course...

then the Commands all have the same parent 'Command'
which does the parsing work (the init method) and does callbacks to the child to set the params. But you can do this your own way..

12 years ago
about the javanus link: he had links in 2 directions (so a one to many in one class and a many to one in the second back to the first class) and it worked after removing one part (he had a loop in his references I think)

I had a look at the xml, but frankly I'm not used to reading xml , nowadays we all work with annotations.

I would try to put some pieces of the xml in comment and try to get it running. That way you can try to localize which part is causing the problem, that way you can dig further on that. (Another is creating a heap dump and analyzing that one as already suggested)

I'm also missing something about lazy loading in your xml file. Fetching Strategies

You don't want to load the complete object graph with all its children if all you need to do is show the name in the grid...

Well its probably not the amount of records, I think you would have this with one record also. It is probably a misconfiguration in your hbm.xml
Can you post that one (or at least the relevant part of it with the Loan entity and its children)

hmm isnt this your problem ? : click me
are you sure the out of memory is caused by Hibernate ?
I don't see no hibernate in your stacktrace.

Hi Monica,

Are you sure your query is ok ? your obviously fetching way to much objects.
Can't you specify it more to make the resultset smaller ?

What are you doing with the objects ? If your are for instance just showing the name of the loan, it is a little overkill to fetch te complete object.

You could consider using paging on your results :paging in hibernate

I changed the doPost to doGet and now i am getting "HTTP method POST is not supported by this URL" even though i changed the form method to Get in the html file.

Perhaps the web page is still in your cache, try a control F5

Also, use firefox, and install firebug. Its an incredible help and web development without is is 100 times harder.
you can see what the browser sends over the wire for example.

is there a different way...?

you could simply surf to it , but a sendRedirect will also work since that does the same but without user interaction.

Are you reading HFSJ ?
Instead of forwarding, surf to your first page CookieTest (make it doGet instead of doPost). This will add the cookie to the response and send it to the browser.
Then surf to your CheckCookie page to view your cookie.

Notice that the browser received the cookie from the response of CookieTest, and will send it in the new request to CheckCookie
So CheckCookie will receive a cookie then.

Hi Nabila,

(sorry Frits for hijacking)

If I read this right, you add a cookie to your a few forwards and read it from the request ?
Well it hasn't been to a browser yet or anything, so nobody put it on your request. So you wont get it if you read it of course..

grtz Mark
Congrats Kevin!

I did my SCWCD 25th january and got my certificate 2nd of march. It will be visible on the site of oracle much earlier (a week max).

enjoy your victory!
12 years ago
heh ,its clear these people followed communication classes... first they say they understand what you are saying (some sort of empathy), then they use the broken record technique (repeating exactely the same as before) to avoid discussion, strange they didn't thank you for your understanding at the end. I think they are in fault and this is very bad basic customer service. It's clear they're in it for the money.

From the look of their answer..I don't think there is a chance they will give you a free pass.

Do you really need the original now that you did the upgrade? Can't you put that on your resumé? I know I would consider myself passed...
I made the same mistake when registering for the exam.
Luckily I saw it when I printed out the reservation for the exam and I was able to cancel and rebook.
It happened because when I tried to book, the website failed when I pressed the submit.
So I tried a few times and started to go through that wizard faster and faster...which was not so smart...and made a mistake.

I do think you shouldn't have been aloud to book or take that exam and the mistake is yours.
Charging you again to do the real exam would be theft in my eyes...

did you book wrong? or did they gave you the wrong exam?

good luck with this