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Recent posts by Sundar Murthi

Even outputs true.

Any document or thread explain this?
13 years ago

Prints true.

Any idea how to solve this with stack?
13 years ago
4 in week days, 14 in week end
15 years ago
What ever Anglish, I do speark my own Engliieesh
15 years ago

Any one here recived Beta score sheet? Looks I am the only one recived it.

Any one here from Netherlands or Europe?
Today I have recived my SCDJWS beta mark sheet from prometric. Yet not recived certification kit from sun. But certmanager status says its mailed on last 8th. So may be this week I do recive my kit.

Mark sheet says 65 questions was in exam and 42% is passing score.

I don't know how questions are calculated. and which questions are deleted. Any way I Passed with 55%. I used only 3 days of preparation. Not bad compare to passing score of 42%
Status says passed But how to know the score?

Great snaps.

This one missing.
15 years ago

JavaRanch URL changed from to

What it mean?

Did this forum(s) no more specific to Java and related technologies :?: or Code means only java :?:

By the way Good migration work with jforum framework.

15 years ago
JAVARANCH changed to CODERANCH no more java

15 years ago
Looks there are too many meanings for baba.

Rajni came in my mind

15 years ago
Nice javaranch logos.

But I have question, May be it's stupit.

Did javaranch is Religious?
15 years ago

Originally posted by Karnati Sudhakar:

My manager doesn't even know what is SCJP?

SCJP 1.5

May be you can try with changing your gender

15 years ago

2. There were many wrong questions : Two of them asked "Which two are correct statements" and it was written below "to select three answers" , One of the question had three right answers but only two were allowed to be selected . Wonder how Sun is going to evaluate me on that !

I got same issue, In question says select two. But at the end system not accepting as completed, once slect 3 option then its fine. It's realy stupit bugs.

And there are too many scenario base questions, i was almost slept by reading scenario ,

Most of the scenario, you can't exactlty say which is correct and which is wrong.
[ November 21, 2008: Message edited by: Sundar Murthi ]