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Recent posts by Vijay

I have got rid of the bug in ur code. The following code should compile.

20 years ago
It would be *a lot* easier just to put a string above the table headers...
is there any really special reason to put it below the headers?
Thanks for ur response. Yes, a JLabel would just suffice in ur case.
But I need to display an info like " No records are available for this
table" when there are no rows. Now, again I can do a setPreferredViewPortSize() of the JTable and add a JLabel under the JTable.
But I have atleast 50 tables in my code. And I dont want to goto every place and add those lines of code. Instead I want to generalize and put
my string info in my "generalized" MyJTable or MyHeaderCellRenderer,etc
(which extends JTable, TableCellRenderer,etc)
well, after some googling, I was able to get some hint. Can someone ,now, have a look into it and help me out.
This one is for cell spanning:
This one can be referred for placing the String in Header ( I prefer it to be here)
Hoping for a reply (suggestion/code snippet) from JGurus!. Thanks.
20 years ago
use TableModel. A table gets its data from an object that implements the TableModel interface.
20 years ago
Can somebody give me an idea of how to go about creating a table like shown below:
| column1 | column2 | column 3| Column4 |
| **** This row has some string info in it ***|
| value1 | value2 | value3 | value4 |
| valuei | value j | valuek | valuez |

I need to add that line of text in between the header and the content.
How to go about it ? Should that line be a part of JTableHeader or
should I need to span over the cells of the content ?
20 years ago
I have a JTable whose values gets filled only dynamically.
At times, when the table is empty, I want to show a message like
"no records found" just under the table header.
Just like how in windows machine, when you make a search and if it doesnt
return any records, it prints "Search is complete. There are no results to display"
(stretching many columns) under the table header. I considered using JLabel
(as shown below) but there is always some space b/w the two components.
Let me know ur suggestions. Until then, lemme try out other Layout managers.
Just a code snippet:

(N. Pruett - fixed page-widening code.)
[ March 08, 2004: Message edited by: Nathan Pruett ]
20 years ago