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Recent posts by maha devan

I am calling a VB code

Process child = Runtime.getRuntime().exec(processCommand);

It generates an MS word document using an xml file stored in local directory.

If some error occurs in creation of document, how to know that error.
I tried using the getErrorStream , but nothing is getting printed.

Anyone pls
17 years ago
Hi people
I need to wite an Applet which should be able to save some information at Client side
Is there any way to do it.
I shouldn't use security policy or signatures

Thanks in Advance
17 years ago
Hi Anybody

I was Installing Websphere 5.0 Eval Version in my pc. And when I invoke the Server from Start/program Files I am getting an Dialog Box

showing these contents and server console is not opening up

"JVM terminated Exit Code=1
f:\programFiles\Web Sphere Studio\eclipse\jre\bin\javaw.exe
-XgcPolicy ptargPause
-cp f:\program Files\IBM\webspher\eclipse\startup.jarorg.eclipse.core.launcher.main
-ws win32
-arch X86
-showsplash f:\program files\IBM\websphere\eclipse\eclipse.exe-showplash600
fies\IBM\web sphere studio\eclipse\eclipse.exe
-Data f:\Documents and Settings\Mahadevan\my Documents\IBM\Wsad\workspace
Can Anybody tell why I am getting this error while opening the server.

Hi need some more clarification I have code Like this

class Mahesh

public Point Foo() // This function returns minimum coord as point object
Hashtable hashobj; //This contains the values as key value pairs



I need to implement this functionality inside this function where I have all datas in a Hashtable . How to use comparator over here

18 years ago
Hi people

I am having many sets of values(X,Y Coordinate values)

10, 20

I need to compare all(sets) coordinate values and find the value which is smallest.
In this case Answer is 10,15.
Can anybody suggest an efficient logic

18 years ago

I have a Panel and placed some Icons connected by a Line Graphic.
Each Icon is a object of JLabel.
I am adding a Zoom-In Zoom-out Option with an JSlider to it. Is there any way I can shrink the total panel so that all my icons appears to be small when I zoom out and vice versa.

Or I have to change the size of each object(JLabel) dynamicaly to attain this functionality

18 years ago
Hi I am having following doubts on usageof JSlider Cn anybody please clarify

How to modify the size of JSlider.I have used the JSlider constructor and it is displaying a standard size of JSlider

How to change the color of my JSlider. I want a red color on the incerment nob alone in my JSlider.

Anybody ]PLs
18 years ago

U can find the hand solving of Different Conversions in books like
Digital Electronics by Moris Mano
This is one of DANS question

class I {
private String name;
public void finalize() {System.out.print(name);}
public I(String s) {name = s;}
class J {
private static void m1(I[] a1) {
a1[0] = a1[1] = a1[2] = null;
public static void main (String[] args) {
I[] a1 = new I[3]; // 1
a1[0] = new I("A"); // 2
a1[1] = new I("B"); // 3
a1[2] = new I("C"); // 4

After method m1 returns, the object created on which line is not eligible for garbage collection?

In this //1 is the answer'

How is this , in the first line actually we create an array of size 3 that can hold types of I and in consutive lines we add the reference information to array. Can anybody explain whats happening in the //1 line

Hi Everbody
In the following code

interface I10 {
String name = "I10"; String s10 = "Hi";
interface I20 {
String name = "I20"; String s20 = "Bye";
class Mahesh implements I10, I20 { // 1
public static void main(String[] args) {
System.out.print(I10.s10+","); // 2
System.out.print(I20.s20+","); // 3
System.out.print(; // 4

I am getting output I10.s10,I20.s20,I20
How is this can anybody explain me this

Hi Angela

>>B b = new C();
The method invocation depends on the type of object stored rather than the variable type B.So in the above code B b = new C(), the compiler will first look for the presence of show() method in Class C,if it doesn't finds it, it starts searching in the parent class. So u get B printed in this case.

A a = new C();;
In this case also samething happens , the search doesn't depend on variable stored but the type of object referred.

Hi I want to manually review my code where can I find the coding guidelines for reviewing.
I can understand that some tools like Teamstudio are for this purpose. But I want to review my code without aid of any tool

Is there any suggestions

18 years ago
Hi can anybody clear

1. Can static method be overloaded?. I know that static context can be hidden in the baseClass.

2.Can be a final context can be overloaded?. I know that it can't be overridden.

3.If I am having a static field in base class .like this
private static int foo=23;
Can i hide this in my subclass like this
public String foo="wewe";

Hi people

Does JBOss support jsp's or we have to use integrate a webserver like tomcat to work with it

18 years ago