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Recent posts by Ayan Dave


I got an email from oracle that I have passed the OCMJEA assignment and essay exam. So relieved.

I submitted my assignment just a few hours I took my essay exam. It took a week for Oracle to locate my essay exam but then it was graded in exactly 2 weeks.

Got the good news right in time to go and enjoy cricket world cup now !!!

Thanks to great folks in the forums here for good information

Good Luck !
11 years ago
It took them 19 calendar days to finally issue me a replacement voucher.
The first ever response I got from suncert was after 15 days of emailing my original question. In the response they asked me to "confirm" what exam I wanted this replacement voucher for. I had already provided this information in original email but they wanted to "confirm" after 15 days of no response. So nice of them.

But then, hey ! This was not good enough. 2 days later I got back the exact same email back from suncert again asking me to "confirm" the exam.

Finally I got the new voucher 3 days after that.

Good luck.
Clean separation will be good only if your domain model allows it - which in many cases it won't. You don't want redundant domain objects floating around in your system that can be misused without your knowledge.

I agree that mixing annotation may make the code less readable but I won't add redundant domain objects. One option may be to use AspectJ for adding the orm or oxm behaviour to the objects. Spring Roo creates domain objects such that the toString methods are placed in aspects around the domain objects. May be some technique like that may work here.
I bought my SCEA - Part 2 voucher from this site --
The voucher number I got was SZ********* (starting with SZ)

This other link indicates to visit www.ibt.prometric.com/oracle to get the downloadable assignment. This is the text on the web page.

* There are currently two downloadable projects available for Java Master certifications
o CX-310-252A (CX-310-252R to resubmit a failed project)
o CX-310-301A (CX-310-301R to resubmit a failed project)

* Candidates may purchase and download these projects at www.ibt.prometric.com/oracle

The ibt prometric site has the first line --

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using a voucher to purchase this Master Downloadable Project, the voucher must start with ‘SC’. If you have a voucher that begins with any other prefix you should contact suncert_ww@oracle.com to get a voucher replacement.

I sent an email to suncert_ww@oracle.com to get the replacement voucher and its been 8 business days now and I have got no replies.

Anyone else facing this same problem too?

Hello all - I passed the part 1 of the exam today with 65%. This is pretty low but I think it is good considering that I spent only 1 week for the preparation. The only book I read was the study guide by Mark Cade and Humphrey Sheil.

I also used the mock exam that I bought from oracle website. Both exams were pretty good.

One tip --- read this book and make sure you work on the exercises at the end of its chapters very well.

If you have worked just enough on ejb's, jms, web services, design pattern's it is easy to pass this exam.

Good luck to all --

Now onto the assignment !!!
If you have worked on atleast 1 spring projects for a customer you can go for the exam as a “grandfathered” candidate


Send an email to the email address mentioned in this page. They will send you the application form. Fill that and send that back.
If you meet their criteria they will send you a voucher number. Use this to register for the exam. You will still have to pay the exam fee - $150.

Good Luck !
12 years ago

I saw different threads (from 2009) on different passing scores for the exam. Is it 42% or 68%?

I am very disappointed with ePractize part 1.
1. Bad english. In tests several times I spend time understanding what they mean to say
2. Wrong questions, answers and explanations.
3. Slow software. I use IBM Thinkpad with XPSP2, Intel 2Ghz and 2GBRam. All softwares work at great speed except the ePrac software. I have to wait almost 4-5 seconds on each mouse click. This is very frustrating when I am in mock exam.
4. Check out this link https://coderanch.com/t/418967/java-Architect-SCEA/certification/EPractize-Mock-Exam
Ganesan from ePractize said in July 2006 that they would drop the wrong question. In Oct 2007 the question is still there.

Honestly, I would not recommend this product.


Originally posted by Srivastava Praveen:
I would like to appear in SCEA. Do any one have experience with SCEA Exam EPractize Labs for part-1,2 & 3? Is it worth buying the product?