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Recent posts by Lukas Alamar

hi Jeanne,
thanks for your reply
i did what you suggested and here's the output for one of those weird tables:


obviously if i check the table with my db client i see only the first 4 columns!

most of the tables are correct .. this behavior is just for a few of them

(im feeling very ignorant ..)
[ March 30, 2006: Message edited by: Lukas Alamar ]
hi ranchers
im a bit stuck on a problem so i need your help!

i have a very easy piece of code that uses a Connection and a DatabaseMetaData to retrieve tables and their columns .. so far so good .. for a bunch of tables the number of columns is doubled!! and i dont know why ..

then i get "MYTABLE cols=8" for .. say ..a table with only 4 cols ..

i know it may be trivial for some of you but that's my first attempt at using DatabaseMetaData

thanks for any help
[ March 28, 2006: Message edited by: Lukas Alamar ]
dont know exactly what you're looking for ..
but if you suffer from 'lack of attention'
i'd suggest some regular meditation, tai-chi, martial art or yoga, whatever suits you best .. you can learn a lot of useful skills form one of those, improve your attention and transfer those skills to your job ..

[hey .. books are good if you want to learn maths ..]
[ March 17, 2006: Message edited by: Lukas Alamar ]
14 years ago
both are 2000's
i guess class loading has changed a bit since then ..
14 years ago
does any of you guys know a good (recently published maybe) book about java class loaders?

14 years ago
i really really would but ..

i dont have kids .. no pets (just one stupid cat but i love her) im not married so i cant divorce ..

mmm .. i could quit the job and move to another country maybe

(how could they survive without dots? .. .. .. .. .. ..)
[ March 09, 2006: Message edited by: Lukas Alamar ]
14 years ago

Originally posted by nishwas mahindra:
Just marry to a woman who is software engineer.

scaring ..

Just decide something to do(like to be expert in java j2ee and related technologies)

more than just scaring ..

Read all magazines related to business and money.
Read economy related publications.
make money to the extent that you are treated as not only rich but wealthy.

[ March 09, 2006: Message edited by: Lukas Alamar ]
14 years ago
i know what u mean

same here
14 years ago

my daily schedule is pretty much the same ..
do u ever have this feeling .. like .. everyday is exactly i mean exactly the same ..
14 years ago

Originally posted by Frank Silbermann:
Well, do you want to spend your entire life without even once having sex? If not, then the only way to avoid immorality is to get married.

sex is sex .. sleeping is sleeping .. eating is eating .. theres nothing about morality/immorality here .. its just something the body needs ..
14 years ago
thats a nice story

one more ..
[ February 15, 2006: Message edited by: Lukas Alamar ]
14 years ago
english .. it serves all of my needs
little german ..
and italian of course

Originally posted by Roger Johnson:
learning languages is a waste of time and effort. God should have created human with only one language.

image all the wonderful things you can do with the time wasted on learning foreign languages. well, you may end up just sleeping, even that is good, you will live healthier and longer

that makes sense ..
[ February 15, 2006: Message edited by: Lukas Alamar ]
14 years ago
hi all
i get the following exception

javax.servlet.ServletException: Cannot find message resources under key org.apache.struts.action.MESSAGE

here's what i wrote im my ActionForm class

i suppose i must create a file and map "error.param.notValid" to a message string or something ..

how can i display my error message in a jsp if say the param in the ActionForm class is empty??


[ July 12, 2005: Message edited by: Lukas Alamar ]
15 years ago
i was quite happy cause hibernate successfully mapped my class to the db
when i tried to execute a query and got a sql invalid column name error!!
but im sure i mapped the class's field to the correct column name

<property name="cmp" type="string" column="C_CMP" not-null="true"/>

this is the query:
from fuckthegest.model.PropostaOrdine as po where po.cmp = :cmp and po.prg = : prg

i cant figure this out

does anybody have a useful clue??

thank u
[ July 07, 2005: Message edited by: Lukas Alamar ]
im using hibernate in a web app under tomcat,
i create a hibernate configuration in a startup servlet
but i dont know what to put in the app context for future use

is correct to store Config in the context and retrieve/close a SessionFactory every time i need it or should i put SessionFactory in the context and get it in my classes?

what's the correct method?

thank u guys
[ July 01, 2005: Message edited by: Lukas Alamar ]