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Recent posts by Lionel Orellana

Hi all!

I didn't know where to put this question and since I just did SCBCD here it goes ...

I never heard the term braindumps while I was studying for SCBCD or SCJP before that. Now I want to do a M$ certification and the first thing I saw when I entered one of the forums on their site was this fuz about braindumps. It seems to be a big issue there and people gets very passionate about it. That made me think, all the mock exams we do for the Java certifications and all the simulators out there (ejbcertificate, jdiscuss, ejbplus etc etc), are they considered braindumps??? I have to say I got very similar questions in the real exam to those I had seen in mock exams around here. What is Sun's position on this?

(Feel free to move this to whatever forum it belongs to)
After delaying it for some months I finally got it done!
My single piece of advice for preparation: get HFEJB and DO AS MANY MOCK EXAMS AS POSSIBLE (ok that's two). Mock exams are just great, you don't only learn stuff but some questions can be very similar to the real ones.

I didn't know you can't revisit the drag and drop questions without loosing your original answer. That surprised me a bit. Since I wanted to double check my answers there I had to do them again. Not a big drama coz the time given is enough ...

thank yous all!
19 years ago
Since jdiscuss refused to work for the last week of my preparation I bought EJBPlus for some mock exams. I have to say I didn't like it. There were a lot of typos and writting errors. It annoyed the hell out of me that when you review the questions there is no explicit indication as to wether you got it right or wrong. You do see what the correct options are and what you selected, but I like simulators that explicitly put a message like "this is correct". But the worst part was that it actually counted some good answers as wrong!! You select exactly what they say the correct answer is but it comes up as wrong!

Having said that, the questions were VERY similar to the real thing, just a bit harder ... I got around 80% in all 4 EJBPlus exams and ended up with 94% in the real one ...
[ September 29, 2004: Message edited by: Lionel Orellana ]
oh well, looks like they were just waiting for me to take the exam today ... had to buy EJBPlus two days ago ... but I passed so I am happy ...
[ September 29, 2004: Message edited by: Lionel Orellana ]
Karin you need to put in more info in your questions. Some people don't have the HFEJB book in their hands whe they read your question and some might not have it at all! You'll have a better chance to get an answer if you put in the full question.

... just a thought anyway ...

methodB is called recursively in methodA and methodB is the one that calls the EJB's (CMP) methods to update some data.

If the first call to methodB() goes through fine and the second call fails, I want to commit the first call and rollback only the second call.

I understand the scenario to be:

And you want the first call to commit because it went through fine and the second one to rollback because it failed. That suggest there's some sort of condition in methodB. If there isn't and you call setRollbackOnly no matter what, then both calls will rollback.

You would probably throw an app exception when things go bad or just a sys exception and forget about setRollbaclOnly but let's not get into that. The point is with something like this you would have the tx commit in some cases and rolback in other, which is what you want isn't it??

I'm probably missing something here cause I don't understand what the discussion about going through the home interface has to do with anything.
If methodB has an att of RequiresNew it will run in a new tx, regardless of who's calling it. If that's not how it works I have to cancel my exam for thursday!!!
Is anyone having trouble to open the jdiscuss exams?
I'm using this link and comes up with an error ...
Would be good to know Kathy's view on this subject.

Since she seems to be around these days, I bring this topic back to life ...

Section 11.4 of the spec also says this is valid in the SELECT statement, as Valentin pointed out:

identification_variable.[single_valued_cmr_field.]* single_valued_cmr_field

Can we safely say it's an error in HFEJB P406 when it's said "You can't use dot notation to return a CMR field"?
How many times you've been working or studying late and suddenly realise you haven't eaten all day? What do you do? You go accross the road and yell SUPER SIZE ME!!! This is a homage to all of us for those long hard-working hours and also to that girl behind the counter that fixes everything with her smile. It tells you "hey, this won't be easy, but you can put a nice spin to it" ... isn't that the whole HF principle?
19 years ago
It might not get you a job by itself but it helps in creating a personal profile. Some recruiters may ask about open source (what do you think of it? what projects do you know?). If you have participated in one, even with a small contribution, that shows you are interested, that shows you get involved. It's just one thing in which you could get a tick during the interview ...

I haven't been in an open source project myself, but got some questions like that in a recent interview ... it would have been nice to say "I'm involved in this and that project" ... it doesn't matter how much you do, the whole point of open source is to help each other to build something together ... if what needs to be done is to change the font size then you change the font size and you contribute to the whole community development approach ... it would be silly to lie or exagerate your contribution ...

I find the most important thing in an interview is to create that profile of yourself ... here's my experience, here are my certificactions, here my open source projects, here my magazine subscriptions, here some articles I've written ... all those things build up and leave the interviewer with a good impression ...

BTW I don't have half of those things ... yet ....
19 years ago
Hi Phill,

I'm actually talking BMT, scenario 2 in the original post by Keerthi. You got the quote from the spec just there.

All I'm trying to say is scenario 2 is not a nested transaction becuase we have 2 different beans and txs don't propagate between BMT beans. So I agree with what Marco said in his point 2).

But I disagrew with Marco's 1) point.

1) The domain for a transaction is a method, therefore unless in the same method you have more that one ut.begin() we cannot speak nested transactions;

If methodA and methodB were in the same bean, that would be a nested tx (we're talking BMT, scenario 2). I'm saying the domain for a transaction is not a method but the bean instance.

If it was just one Bean with methodA and methodB, scenario 1 would work but scenario 2 wouldn't. Having two different beans, both scenarios work.

Does that make sense?
[ August 27, 2004: Message edited by: Lionel Orellana ]
Ye I know EJB only supports flat tx ...

That's why I'm saying if methodA and methodB were in the same bean (please read the original question), that would be a nested transaction and the container will complain ...

1) The domain for a transaction is a method, therefore unless in the same method you have more that one ut.begin() we cannot speak nested transactions;

So what happens if methodA and methodB were in the same bean? I think in that case it would be a nested transaction. What really matters here is that we have two different beans, not two different methods.

Identify how a client can obtain a reference to an existing entity object's remote interface? [Check all correct answers]

1. Invoke the findByPrimaryKey() finder method.
2. Invoke the getHandle() method on the remote interface.
3. Call a create() method on the remote interface.
4. Execute a home business method that returns the reference.
5. Call the getRef() method on the remote interface.

Answer given is 1, 2, 4.

I say only 1 is correct. getHandle will give you a Handle not the remote interface. But ok, let's accept you can get the remote interface using that handle. Number 4 is the one I don't like one bit. Home business methods are not meant to do things specific to one entity. Page 278 of HFEJB: "(Home business methods) are perfect for queries where the client just wants the entity data, not references to the entities themselves". Ok, maybe it's not an error to do it, but that's not what home business methods are meant for and I wouldn't say 4 is a correct option. Even the explanation they give is contradictory:

"A client can get a reference to an existing entity object's remote interface in any of the following ways:

* Receive the reference as a parameter in a method call.
* By using a finder method defined in the entity bean's remote home interface.
* By obtaining the reference from the entity object's handle"

I don't see home business methods here ... I think they got the parameter-in-a-method-call option mixed up with the home business method thingo ...

What u say?