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Recent posts by Roberto Favaro

Is this piece of code

the same as this

or have I mixed up the true and false.
Thanks in advance....
17 years ago
Thanks.Getting to it.That info was very helpful.Ill update later.Thanks again.....
17 years ago
I have an applet which loads in values as follows

Here is my addCity() method

This is for my final year project.I would like to read values in from a file such as this
NAME : a280
COMMENT : drilling problem (Ludwig)
1 288 149
2 288 129
3 270 133
4 256 141
5 256 157
Ignoring the first number in the sequence but using the oher two.Can someone please help.Im desperate and my time is running out.Thanks you could save my life......
17 years ago
Hi all...
Im trying to build an application which reads data from a file (TSPlib) and uses that data as points in my algorithm. IM LOST. I have loaded the data and seperated the values in the data into co-ordinates for my algorithm. My next step is to create the ant which will travel through these co-ordinates one at a time following the travelling salesman problem. The ant must be cloneable and I want to place each ant (ant = no of points from file) randomely on a co-ordinate.Could someone please please please give me an idea where to go next...even some basic or pseudo code...Thanks

This is my attempt at an ant???HELP
17 years ago
I changed the code to look as follows and it worked
17 years ago
Sorry, thats not very clear. I wish to use the file selected by the filechooser in the method parseFile???
17 years ago
Hi all. Im reading a file with a button on my application using a fileChooser. I need to use this file to parse the info stored inside. can anyone tell me how to use the file selected to call the method.Im having a problem with the type File and the type String. I need the type String but I have the type File.
Heres a snippet of code:
17 years ago
Hey all,
Im really stuck.Im trying to select a file and read its data.I want to seperate this data out so I can assign it to variables. I dont know if i need input streams???.Could someone please help me......

example of data to be read from file
17 years ago
A rectangle is created in the centre of the window and filled in colour.I may use any click to draw and drag a line on the screen.A line will only be remembered as it is released across the varierents of the rectangle.The line is clipped in size to remember the piece within or partially within the rectangle
17 years ago
Workin on a college project involving line clipping of a shape.Here's my work in progress.I want to add a few extras but cant think where to start.Any suggestions appreciated.Tnx in advance

17 years ago
Im using a stored procedure to test data stored in my oracle database.I havnt access to the database other than through the java application. I was testing the oracle database seperatly but im getting an error.My procedure is returning more data than I have called.Is there a way to loop through and display all the data.Im trying to display a members orders.

me Members.emailAddress%type;
mfn Members.firstName%type;
mln Members.lastName%type;
mp Members.passwd%type;
orid Orders.orderId%type;
ord Orders.dates%type;
ors Orders.status%type;
statuss boolean;

procedure get_members_details(
member_emailAddress in Members.emailAddress%type,
member_firstName out Members.firstName%type,
member_lastName out Members.lastName%type,
member_passwd out Members.passwd%type,
order_orderId out Orders.orderId%type,
order_dates out Orders.dates%type,
order_status out Orders.status%type,
statuss out boolean) is
select firstName,lastName,passwd,orderId,dates,status
into member_firstName,member_lastName,member_passwd,order_orderId,order_dates,order_status
from Members,Orders
where Members.memberId = Orders.memberId
and Members.emailAddress = member_emailAddress;
statuss := true;

when no_data_found then
statuss := false;
me := '';
if (statuss) then
dbms_output.put_line(me || ' ' || mfn || ' ' || mln || ' ' || mp || ' ' ||
orid || ' ' || ord || ' ' || ors);
dbms_output.put_line('Member' || me || 'not found');
end if;
Yes......I changed my code to use a primaryKey generator to generate a unique Id and removed the need for a check.Thank you for ure help
Thank you.Is there another way to write this without having to change the type
I have a huge dao which is talking to a database.I want to check if the id exists but the .length() method is the problem as the id (type long) cannot be deferenced
Can anyone help me avoid my error.Long cannot be deferenced. OrderId must be of type long