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since Mar 28, 2004
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Is it somehow possible to flex the target-dependency like this:

<target name="blabla" depends="xyz*">

where just a prefixa is given as depend value and the target depends on any target with a name beginning with this prefix ?
17 years ago
I've successfully past the scjp and ibm's xml exam two years ago and was thinking about taking the scwcd exam soon. but when I had a look on the voucher price my decision suddenly got clear. NO WAY !

I remember paying about 150� for the previous exams ... now they want me to pay 210� !! what has happened ? are the exam prices somehow correlated to the barrel price or the situation in the middle east, or why did they get boosted like hell?! or do the people behind the scenes just want to get more money for the same piece of certification paper that's only serving for providing "pride and honor" (as stated in the scwcd faq).

I remember that ibm even doesn't send you a certification or something else that proves you have passed the test. Instead, you, the one who has paid lots of money for obviously quite nothing, have to "ask" them to be so generous and send you a peace of paper, worth 2 cent, to prove your skill.

I got a big smile on my face when I looked at the price for upgrading my scjp 1.4 to the new java se 5 version: 210� for an upgrade. just the same price as a complete scjp 5 test.

thank you for the advice.

I found the test quite difficult and came away with mixed impressions.
during the test I thought I would just scrape through, if at all.

Time was short, too. There were about 2 minutes left to go through the questions I had marked for a second check up.

Altogether the IBM XML is different to the SCJP from SUN. There's more to read and the type of the questions is different too.


IBM 141- XML& Related Technologies
[ November 03, 2004: Message edited by: peter lustig ]
I passed the test on Friday with 78%.

Today I got an E-Mail from IBM that I can download my Certificate and the Logo ?!? I've payed 150� and don't even get a Printed Certificate with a Logo. Theres not even some number on it which uniquely identifies it.
I could give the pdf to my friends to simply replace my name and they are IBM certified too
how long does it take to get the certification kit ? i live in europe, passed the exam on feb 13th. i haven't got it until now. on status has been changed to processed on feb 15th. but since then, nothing changed. shall i make a new incident on certmanager or better send them a mail ?