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Recent posts by Deepak Dew

Evan Caballero wrote:I don't see a better solution

I remember in my previous company, we used an excel worksheet with the properties, and one tab per environment. To generate each file, there was an excel Macro to do the job.

thanks I feel better now...
14 years ago

Evan Caballero wrote:if your application is packaged differently for different environments (dev, prod, etc ...), you should try to use Maven (a packaging tool like ant), and use one profile by environment, with the related property files for each profile.

thanks this is what we have ( multiple envs ) and this is what we are doing now.
14 years ago

Evan Caballero wrote:What do you mean by "how do you manage" ??

Right now, all the properties file are in text/properties file and we need some kind of token replacing tools to populate these properties files.
We are thinking about how to have a better management and administration of these properties files.
14 years ago

Evan Caballero wrote:In my company, we also use property files. It's the easyiest way to configure applications.

Thanks Evan
How do you manage your properties files ? Any tools? Any tricks ?
14 years ago
Request to mod: if this is not the right forum, please move it to appropriate one.

Here is the question:

In my company, we have 10s of web applications using JSPs, Servlets, hibernates, Spring but no EJBs.
All these applications have tons of properties which are in properties fil in war-file/WEB-INF/classes/ dir. It is a big pain to maintain these properties file and wondering what are other guys doing to resolve this issue ? How are you guys doing properties management for applications ?


14 years ago

I am using websphere 6.0.2 ND. My question is:
How can I refresh/deploy the version of existing running application without impacting the end user.

Something rollover update etc ?

Thanks in Advance

16 years ago
Thanks Cameron

Well, using a switch is out of question here.

When is your book for WebSphere 6 Admin Cert coming out ?
I am eagerly waiting for this. I would be going to WebSphere Tech Conference in Nov-first week and I would be taking the exam there.

I am hoping it comes out within two weeks


17 years ago

Here is what I am trying to do and so far I am unable to reach the desired config.

I want to deploy an application in a cluster having two members. Now, I want the first member to be the primary server and the second one to be the backup server/failover server. It means that no request would be sent to the back-server by Plugin unless and until the primary server is down/not-responding.

Also, I dont want to assign the back-server/second server as backup server which can be done over the admin console.

I want to have this config just using the weights only. I basically tried weight of 0 and 1, 0 and 2 but so far it is not working the way I want.

Any inputs asap is greatly appreciated.


17 years ago

In some old version of Linux , you may see the threads spawned by a jvm process as processes itself. ( ps -efl|grep java)

So, basically a single jvm thread spawns multiple worker threads which looks like multiple processes spawned

Also, when you start the cluster there would be infact multiple jvms running:

one for nodeagent + one for each server


17 years ago
I want to add a custom property to a app-server�s webcontainer . The custom property is KeepContentLength and it�s value is true.

Here are the steps I am doing:

set serverId [$AdminConfig getid /Node:tstNetwork/Server:server1/]

set webcontainer [$AdminConfig list WebContainer $serverId]

set name [ list name KeepContentLength ]
set required [ list required false ]
set type [ list type "java.lang.String" ]
set value [ list value true ]
set custom1 [ list $name $required $type $value ]
set custom2 [ list $custom1 ]

set propSet [$AdminConfig showAttribute $webcontainer properties]

# this would return { } as there is no custom property so far

$AdminConfig create properties $propSet $custom2

# The above command is giving me exception as

WASX7015E: Exception running command: "$AdminConfig create properties $propSet $custom2"; exception information: WASX7077E: Incomplete config id: need closing parenthesis in "{}"

So, after doing some research, I found that some-one says about the same error but for DataSource

The underlying problem with the script you originally sent is based on the premise that the propertySet for the DataSource already exists. This is actually not the case. The propertySet is only created if 1) you explicitly create the propertySet after creating the DataSource in your script, or 2) you go into the Admin Console and create a property, which, under the covers creates the propertySet object, then adds your property.

Therefore, when the first time running the script for the new DataSource, the following line will not work:
set propSet [$AdminConfig showAttribute $newds propertySet]

Since the propertySet does not exist, you will get a null value for "propSet", then when you use this in the line:
$AdminConfig create J2EEResourceProperty $propSet $custom1
the null value will cause the error WASX7077E: Incomplete config id: need closing parenthesis in ""

Replacing your "set propSet" line with the following should do the trick

set propSet [$AdminConfig create J2EEResourcePropertySet $newds {}]

The link is :

So, I changed accordingly i.e. create a empty property:

set propSet [$AdminConfig create properties $webcontainer {}]

which is giving me exception as:

WASX7015E: Exception running command: "set propSet [$AdminConfig create properties $webcontainer {}]"; exception information: WASX7129E: Cannot create objects of type "properties" in parents of type "WebContainer"

The exception itself is quite obvious but I don�t know how to work around this.


17 years ago
HI All

Here is a problem I am trying to work on:

I have 2 applications which are deployed on two different clusters.
Each cluster has got two server members. The first member is the active one and the second one is the failover member. So there s no loadbalancing per-se just failver over.

Now, I want to have a so called sorry server which may act as a third member to each cluster. The sorry server is suposed to work in the following fashion and given circumstances.

If I have a donwntime ( e.g. deploying a new app on the cluster ) and if someone tries to access the application. Now the first two members are down for downtime. I want the sorry server to serve the sorry pages for all the requests coming during the downtime.

I can be pretty flexible for the implementation. For some reason, hardware implementation is not possible.

I am using IBM IHS server in front of app-server cluster.

I can think of running two ihs server : one at a given time.

One ihs server would server request to usual cluster and other would server request to sorry-cluster.
So, during downtime, I can shutdown the main ihs server and bring up the so called ihs-sorry server so thAT it can forward all requests to sorry-cluster


17 years ago
The best way is to create a new domain in weblogic81 and move all the codes from weblogic6 to version 8.
18 years ago
The weblogic has build in http server which is quite good but not as good as other production quality http web server like apache, iplanet.

You can use any other external http webserver with weblogic using proxy plug-in software provieded by weblogic
18 years ago
You can always create connection pool without creating data source but data sources are tied to atlead one connection pool and when a client needs a connection from connection pool, it looks up data source in jndi and then gets a connection from connection using data source
I think you can also get a connection without using a data source
18 years ago
Config.xml is located under domian directory but you are not supposed to change it manually but only thru admin console or other means

18 years ago